People mostly mistake tankless water heater with under sink heaters employed for making the water warm. The work of the latter is just to give water to the individual handling the sink. There are innumerable situations where warm water is needed when cooking food or otherwise washing utensils. There is a review of one of the most appropriate under sink water heaters on the Prime Heaters website.

Every and each time you put your hand in cold water, you find it hard to control your movements and then regain the sensation in your hand. When you’re alternatively making use of your hand for washing utensils with cold water and cooking food around the flame, the variation in temperature could lead to havoc with your hand’s softness.

In such a situation, slightly tepid or warm water will go a long way in making the process to be comfortable. Washing utensils happen to be a mechanical task. But, cooking isn’t a mechanical task.

You can’t afford to have an inflexible and frigid hand when you’re cooking food. This is one of the most evident benefits associated with selecting a water heater under the sink. Definitely, the difference between a water placed under the sink or a tankless heater continues to remain. It’s a possibility for both heaters to be the same.

An under sink water heater is a water tank that collects water and keeps it warm through an electrical resistance. It is usually hung on a wall and its capacity is very variable. There are from 15 to 200 litters.

The water inside the tank is at the temperature you want to mark on the thermostat. When we open the shower tap that water comes out and is replaced by cold incoming water that will be heated. A thermos that empties completely needs an average of about 3 hours to re-heat the new water that has been entering.

How do these water heaters work?

When the water inside the electric water heater is at the temperature we have previously marked, the electrical resistance goes out. When the water temperature drops, the thermostat starts again the heating process until reaching the desired degrees again.

The pipe system that goes from the under sink water heater to the faucets will keep the water at room temperature, and it will be the one we discard at the time of taking a shower until the hot one arrives. That is why it is recommended that this system be as short as possible placing the thermos as close as possible to the place where we are going to make use of that hot water.

How do you buy the right under sink water heater?

The first thing to know if you will need it is to be aware of the use you will have of hot water throughout a day. We are going to remember some basic data so that you can get an idea about the average consumption in a household:

The average hot water consumption per person per day is 30 litters.

In a shower, the average consumption is 30 litters, more if it is to fill the bathtub. In washing the dishes about 3 litters, while to wash our face and hands 5 litters on average throughout a day.

The average time it can take an electric thermos that has been completely emptied until the new incoming water is heated is about 2 or 3 hours, depending on the model and capacity.

To these data, we should add the fact of knowing the use we are going to give the hot water. It is not the same a more extensive use during a day in which, for example, in a house with 3 people one takes a shower in the morning, another in the afternoon and another at night. Here the electric water heater would be a great option given that hot water would always be available.

If the use is punctual and very concentrated at a time of day, for example, that those 3 people shower one after another just get up every morning, in this case, the thermos would be empty and there would be someone who would have to shower with water cold.


Under sink water heaters can be a good choice for anyone that wants a reliable and cost-effective way to heat up water while showering or bathing. And since you can place it underneath the sink, it can also save you a lot of space in your bathroom as well!