The barbarian is suitable for the real warrior inside you. This character does not fool around in battles. He kills, then he asks the questions. It does not really work, but it can successfully lead your troops in battle with nothing but brute force. All of his attributes revolve around his fighting skills – he is strong, well armored and quite agile. As for his drawbacks, he is not the most intelligent character.



The warlock is all about brains. Sometimes, a powerful brain can easily outcome a strong arm and a weapon. Most of his actions are mystical and leave no chance for enemies. His battle skills are quite low, as he lacks a good armor and strength. With all these, he excels at intelligent skills and can be quite agile. His main goal is to attack from long distance and prevent stronger enemies from getting close.



The archer is a mixture of close combat skills and long distance excellence. The character lacks strength and force, yet the goal is to use other skills to win a battle. Portrayed as a skilled female, she has an amazing agility to help her get out of close combat trouble quickly. Her intelligence and armor are medium, so she could be one of the most balanced heroes out there.



The demon hunter cannot just go close to everyone and kill them. Instead, he must make the most out of his intelligence. Known as one of the most clever characters out there, this trait will help him succeed, but also get out of unexpected situations. The character lacks strength and armor, yet he gets extra points for his agility. From many points of view, this is the sneakiest character in the game.



Nobody wants to fight the balanced valkyrie. You simply do not want to mess with someone who has the ability to decide who lives and who dies. She has a bit of everything – a decent strength, just enough agility to successfully fight a battle and plenty of intelligence. If there is one thing she slacks at, that is her strength, so she may not be the perfect hero for close combats.