Dog Playpens, otherwise known as puppy playpens or exercise pens are one of the facilities that a dog owner must acquire most especially new dog owners. This facility permits you to leave your puppy or dog in a confined area that is safe for your dog while you are busy with chores around the house or when are not available to give your dog or puppy the attention required. Thousands of dogs or puppy get hurt, get sick or die annually from choking or ingesting some things around the house. A dog playpen will help keep your dog safe from areas that can be dangerous.

Types of Dog Playpens


The most commonly used indoor form of dog playpen is the plastic option. It is lightweight, affordable, and durable. The Plastic dog playpen is an excellent choice for smaller dogs, owing to it being lightweight compared to other options on the market. The Plastic playpen is not as strong as other option to meet the requirements and needs of an overly active and large dog.


The Wire dog playpen is sturdier when compared to the plastic dog playpen; in term of durability, it is preferred to the plastic dog playpen. The Wire dog playpen can double as a dog gate and they come in various heights. The cons to acquiring a wire dog playpen are that it is heavier than the plastic dog playpen and over time they tend to rust.


Among all three mentioned, these are the lightest and they are quite mobile. This is an ideal option for smaller dogs and young puppies. They are not as sturdy as the Wire dog playpen but they are the best option for dogs that have the habit of chewing.

Among all the animals tried for domestication, Dogs so far are the most faithful. If you considering security, having a dog in your house is a good idea. If perchance, you are a new dog owner and you have a dog or puppy that is very active and energetic, there is the tendency they will get up in some form of mischief, acquiring a dog playpen is advised.