From the lens of a manufacturer, the best orthopedic dog bed are broadly divided into two types: The memory foam dog beds and egg-crate foam dog beds.

The memory foam is a distinct type of polyurethane that was invented by NASA in the 1970’s. The memory is designed to absorb heat from the body of your dog and to mold and be flexible to the body shape. The quality of a memory foam is not determined by the thickness rather by its density, if perchance you come across a thin memory foam dog bed there is the guarantee that it will provide excellent comfort and support for your dog. They are very durable, just in case you are looking out for an option that will span over a period.

On the other hand, the egg-crate foam, dog beds are cheap if the price is compared to that of the memory foam. Just as the name implies, this foam is similar in appearance to egg crates. This design facilitates a cooler surface and better air flow than the regular orthopedic foam. The egg-crate foam adjustment to pressure is immediate. One disadvantage you should note about the egg-crate foam beds is that they are not as durable as the memory foam beds. Over time the bed will be compressed, which implies that the bed is due for replacement as it will not provide the necessary support your dog needs.

Below you will find a detailed guide for dog bed buyers:

Step 1: How large is your dog?

The first factor to consider is the size of your fur baby. If you own a large dog breed, for instance, a German Shepherd, it is important that you opt for a dog bed that is large to accommodate your dog. It is advised that you opt for a bed of thickness 7”.

Step 2: How healthy is your dog?

If perchance you have a dog that is not suffering from joint pain, muscle stiffness or arthritis, it is an ideal choice to opt for the less expensive best orthopedic dog bed option which is the memory foam beds. It will still provide the comfort and support required.