There are thousands of games on Apple’s app store to chose from, and sometimes you come across a unique one. That is the case with Golf Clash. Inevitably, games that become popular eventually are hacked by some malicious party. And so, as Golf Clash has become more popular, Golf Clash hacks started appearing in YouTube videos and the pages of Google. This comes as no surprise. What really intrigues us is how Golf Clash became popular in the first place.

It amazes us how something unpopular with most kids these days – golf – could be made popular among many children and their friends because of a new golf game for the iPhone. The game could be much larger than you’d imagine, with new tournaments popping up now and again where friends can battle head to head for epic prizes, and online matches against random players from around the world.

The success of Golf Clash can be attributed to its dedicated developers who run an active Twitter page to offer help and support to the community while constantly updating the game with new fun events and features. The developer’s Twitter page is not the only active community by any means. There is a section devoted just to Golf Clash on the Playdemic forums where you can find update notes, connect with other players, and provide the developers with new suggestions for the game. Not many iPhone apps allow for users to give this type of feedback, so it is heartwarming to see a fun smartphone game that cares deeply about the user experience.

Players of Golf Clash use gems to upgrade their golf balls, bags, and clubs. What sets this game apart from others is the ability to express yourself with bags, balls, and clubs with logos of your favorite sports teams or basic designs that you can show off to other players online.

The gameplay of Golf Clash is nothing short of awesome. Constant tournaments and events keep even advanced players on their feet, and it is easy to find online matches any time of the day to keep yourself well oiled for the upcoming events. Players new to the game will have no trouble jumping right into the game with its simple to understand but difficult to master game mechanics. If a player is having trouble, there are hundreds of YouTube videos and internet articles devoted to teaching new players tips and tricks on how to master the gameplay of Golf Clash.

To keep itself self-sufficient, the game does offer in-app purchases for the devoted players who want to support the game development while also expressing themselves in-game by purchasing new aesthetics from the shop.

All in all, Golf Clash is one of the fastest growing apps on the app store and for good reason. There is something for everyone in this game. Whether you play for the great community or to try and master the game mechanics, you will enjoy playing Golf Clash with your friends and family.