If you are looking to buy Gucci via the numerous online stores like eBay offering Gucci handbag sale, you must take some factors into consideration and ensure that it is incorporated with some features like detailed pictures of the GG logo, the whole parts of the zipper, and it must come with the tab imprinted with the serial #, and Gucci Engraving must be beneath the zipper pocket. If these features are not available, then ask!

If you are chanced to visit a high-end department store, you will see the complete form of a genuine handbag and get yourself acquainted with it. If you have a smartphone, you are advised to take a picture and compare the genuine product with the handbags sold online. I am not sure if you are authorized to do that, so be careful.

You can also check the Gucci Website and look through the details carefully. What you should look out for is if the Gucci name is imprinted on the handbags. Ensure that the Gucci Script logo does not look forged or copied.

Signs depicting a Fake Gucci Handbag, Purse or Wallet

Stitching looks uneven on the edges of the handbag or the leather. Another feature is that Gucci Handbags are not wrapped in the plastic. You are advised to peruse through the details carefully, especially the hardware, the font and logo, and the stitching. Other things to look out for include the font size on the leather, lining and on the tag.

Pick the right handbag for the occasion:

When you have chosen the right shape, size, and colour, it is also important to see what you are going to use the bag for. For everyday use, the material of your handbag does not matter much. Leather and suede are durable materials that generally last a long time. And these materials also suit the chic parties and cocktail parties. Only adjust the size of your bag accordingly. If a large handbag is nice to your physique, but you have a formal party where you will appear in a long dress or cocktail dress that does not fit together.

Decide on a bag

First, you have to decide what bag you want. We have all the different styles, body types, and lifestyles, what suits someone else may not suit you. Once you have decided what bag you want to buy, you must also be completely confident that it is a bag that suits you and your lifestyle so that you will not regret it. An impulse purchase is nothing to do when it comes to expensive designer bags.

Select model

Choose a classic model that you can use today and 10 years ahead, do not choose a model that is the season’s news. Do not go after the year’s “it” bag for each year is still different, which is super trendy and today may not be as popular in 6 months or 2 years. Bet on a classic how boring it sounds. ¬†Each fashion house has its classic models that, despite years of age, are still the same today as 20 years ago! An example is my Louis Vuitton Never full, which has existed since 2007, it’s 10 years and yet it’s as popular today as then. Another thing to consider is the colour of the bag. Go for a colour that fits everything and you can combine with different outfits.


Just like when planning a trip or buying a new computer, it is important to read reviews and find as much information as you can about the bag you are buying. Gather as much information as possible. Check out bloggers and YouTubers, is it a famous model you are looking for, you will find lots of information about it. Do not be fooled by beautiful Instagram and we heart it pictures, watch videos as well. Videos show so much more than one picture. Not to mention how images in many cases can be incredibly misleading. If you have the option, it’s a great advantage to have seen and felt on the “live” bag before you buy it. So you’re close to the shop go there and watch.

Do not stress!

If it’s a bag that you’ve been thinking about this year and you’re still not after 1 year, let’s say you’re pretty sure. But if for some reason you still hesitate, even if it’s just a bit, I think you’ll have to wait. Never stress a purchase and never buy a bag that you are not really sure about. When you buy your bag you should be 110% safe and satisfied.