One of the most essential and universal tools seen in a lot of shade-tree garages is the dependable floor jacks. This is could be because of the most regular tool when it comes to safety-related accidents because of the various pitfalls related to their use which can range from purchasing a less quality product that really does not match its safety claims to minor mistakes or inappropriate use that could simply have been involved. But do not be afraid, read this reviews here for a walkthrough of all the steps necessary to select the right floor jack that is both high quality and needed for your kind of car.

A majority of auto mechanics from the amateur to the professional will at a point find out that they need extra ground clearance during a car maintenance so as to provide better access to various modules. By far the most prevalent instances are lifting the car to get access to the drain plug of the oil pan during an oil charge as well as lifting a car to enable wheel removal during a tire swap.

Other common steps include replacing rotors and brake pads, suspension work, transmission work, and exhaust work. Also to lifting the car itself, floor jacks are mostly used to lift only the motor so as to provide extra clearance within the engine bay.

Are you looking for the best floor jack? If so then you should read this reviews here and consider these issues:

  1. Price

The price of floor jacks can vary considerably. That’s based on various factors like the brand, model, new/used, features, type, and so on. The key is to set a budget before you start shopping for your floor jack. That will help you to find the right unit for you based on how much your company can realistically afford to spend.

Should you shop at a physical/online store? It’s important to consider the pros and cons of both. In general shopping online is a better option. It can help you pick from a wider range of floor jacks, which can help you pick the right unit for your particular needs. It’s important to set a budget because that can help to prevent you from spending more than your company can realistically afford. That could result in a lot of potential problems you’ll want to avoid.

  1. Handle

The length of the handle is important since it affects how much jacking power the unit provides. As a general rule floor jacks have longer handles than other types of jacks so they’re a better option if you need more power. However, if you don’t need as much power than another style jack would be ok for your situation.

  1. Full-size/Compact

This is a key issue to consider. If you’re looking for a larger capacity then you should consider a full-size floor jack. However, if you have to operate the unit in a smaller space or need less capacity then a compact unit would be a better option. The key is to consider your company’s needs in order to select the best unit for your particular needs. That will help to produce the best results.

  1. Safety Features

Make sure to look for units with safety features like safety valves. This will help to make the floor jack as safe as possible, which is definitely a situation you’ll want to be in. It will help to make sure the unit isn’t just effective but also safe. That in turn will help to improve the functionality of the floor jack.

  1. Capacity

Here’s another key issue to consider when shopping for a floor jack. Make sure you pick a unit with the capacity you need the floor jack for. There’s different capacities like 2 tons and others. The key is to pick a unit that has a little more capacity then you actually needs. You can then be assured you can still use the floor jack when you need a higher capacity. It’s worth having the extra capacity in certain situations.

  1. Brand

This could be more important than it might seem at first. It’s better to pick an established brand since you avoid a lot of issues that you might have with an off-brand. In that case the product will be cheaper but also use cheaper materials, craftsmanship, etc. It might be a risk you don’t want to take.