Not until 30 June 2018, the United Kingdom passport holders will not require a Visa if they want to visit Vietnam and stay for about 2 weeks, this is legally stated according to the Visa policy of Vietnam. At the customs department or checkpoint, all that is required is that you show then your return ticket or perhaps e-ticket as a proof of your departure date. On the other hand, if you will be exiting Vietnam through the land border then the itinerary will be recognized as a proof, so it is very important that you have this to show the border officials if it is requested for at any point in time. On the other hand, United Kingdom passport holders will require a Vietnamese Visa if they intend on staying in Vietnam for over 15 days or perhaps if they will be traveling to Vietnam after 30 June 2018. In addition, if you plan on returning to Vietnam inside 30 days of your last departure, it is necessary that you have with you a Vietnamese Visa.

Other nationalities including South African, Canadian, Australian, USA, and New Zealand passport holders will require having a tourist visa if they want to visit Vietnam. The travelers can decide to either apply independently for a 30-day tourist visa (multiple or single entry Visa) from the Vietnamese consulate or embassy of they can opt for the more convenient means of application, it being the online means. it cost about $20 and right after submitting your application you will be given a confirmation number. When you arrive at Vietnam you will be given the actual Visa and you are required to pay an additional fee which is referred to as the standing fee, it cost $45.

Visa Policy of Vietnam: Tips for Procurement of Visas

There is one thing that you noticed about applying for the visa policy for Vietnam, whether this is through your Vietnam consulate/embassy or online. It is the Visa on Arrival. Many visitors of Vietnam procure this VOA, which is an alternative option for them to get visa upon their arrival in Vietnam. Not all airports in Vietnam offer this alternative. The only ones that honour VOA are the international airports located at:

  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Nha Trang airport
  • Da Nang City
  • Hanoi

The VOA is a legit alternative in acquiring the full visa stamp by the Vietnamese Consulate or Embassy. This is a very simple and even cheaper way to get a Vietnamese visa at your consulate or embassy. Once the VOA is issued, you got exactly like the one that you got from the usual visa that most applicants apply for. It has the same conditions and limitations attached to using it.

How VOA works

For you to get the VOA Vietnam, you need to obtain first the visa approval letter that is approved by the Vietnam Immigration. This letter will give you the means to pick up the VOA at specified international airports as you arrive in Vietnam. You can apply for this by contacting any travel agency or company in Vietnam. You can also do so online.

Upon your arrival in Vietnam and at the airport, you will find the “Visa on Arrival” or “Landing Visa” office. This is where you will pick up the VOA. Once inside, hand in the visa approval letter together with your passport. All you need to do is wait for you to get called for paying the stamp fee and get your passport back with the visa already stamped inside. You can acquire more information for the stamp fee payment online. You can also check out online to see what the Visa on Arrival offices look like in different international airports.

Visa Approval Letter

Aside from VOA, you will also hear about the Visa Approval Letter. Without this letter, you can’t get the VOA and you can’t enter Vietnam at all. In other words, the Visa Approval Letter is a legit document that is issued by the Vietnam Immigration allowing the visa applicants to pick up their visa upon arrival at one of the approved international airports that issues them in Vietnam.

However, the visa letter is not considered a full visa. You need to employ a travel agent before you arrive in Vietnam in order to obtain your visa letter that you will be presenting at the Visa on Arrival office upon landing. The service fee for the preparation of the visa approval letter starts from $8. The cost changes depending on the agent and the type of visa you are applying for.

Your employed agent will be the one to send you the visa approval letter through your email. If you don’t want to meet any trouble upon arrival in Vietnam, make sure you check all the details in the visa approval letter to make sure there are no mistakes or errors.