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Our site is dedicated to video games and Atari in particular. If you’re a fan of the company’s consoles, computers, and games then this is definitely the right site for you. However, how much do you know about the history of the company? The goal of our site is to provide you with the latest news and information about the company’s offerings including hardware and software.

It all started decades ago in 1971. That’s the year Nolan Bushnell teamed up with Ted Dabney to launch the world’s first arcade game titled “Computer Space.” It was based on another game titled “Spacewar!” That was just the start of the company’s history.



Bushnell created the game ”Pong” with some help one year later. The game would go on to become one of the most famous games in video game history. That includes the arcade, console, and game version of the title. In fact, it’s been included in the World Video Game Hall of Fame along with other famous video games.

The history of Atari itself started in 1972. That’s when Bushnell and Dabney collaborated to form the company named Atari. The term is from the traditional Japanese game “Go.”

Atari re-released “Pong” a few years later in 1975 as a home console game. An incredible 150,000 units of the system were sold by Atari and Sears.  This is the event that basically put Atari on the map. There were other highlights in the company’s early history but this was the one that allowed the public to learn about the new gaming company.

Bushnell went on to buy out Dabney’s half of the company. After the company became successful he sold it for $28 million to Warner Communications. Its sale was clearly related to the sales of “Pong” and the potential future sales of new Atari consoles and games.

Indeed, Atari continued it’s the total sales of its home video systems hit $415 million by the year 1980. Bushnell was still the Atari President. During that year Atari’s first PC was launched. Atari ended up splitting its computer and gaming businesses into two divisions. The company’s consoles and games remained the cash cows of the company even though it launched multiple PCs.

The video game crash of 1983 is historic and resulted in the industry struggling until Nintendo launched its NES about a decade later. There are various factors that are blamed for the crash, but ironically Atari’s titles “Pac-Man” and “E.T.” have received much of the blame. They included issues such as flickering ghosts and square “pellets” that the game’s protagonist ate.

“Pac-Man” was based on the hit arcade game, while “E.T.” was based on the blockbuster movie directed by Steven Spielberg. “Pac-Man” ironically went on to become the all-time best-selling Atari game at 7 million units, although about two times that number was produced. The game was criticized for various reasons including its design and gameplay. 

“E.T.” was rushed and designed in a little over half a year. Atari wanted to cash in on the popularity of the movie and release the game in time for the holiday shopping season. The game went on to sell about 1.5 million units but was greatly criticized for its design and gameplay. In fact, some industry experts have ranked it as the all-time worst video game in history.


The game was also included in an urban legend that tons of “E.T.” cartridges were buried following the 1983 gaming crash. A few years ago the games were unearthed to verify that it was indeed fact. It’s debatable whether or not the game was the main cause of the 1983 gaming crash but it could easily be argued it affected the decline in sales of games and consoles during the next few years.

Warner’s console division experienced major losses in 1983 that totaled over half a billion dollars, or $533 million. The company decided to sell the company to an ex-CEO of Commodore, which became known for its PCs. Jack Tramiel launched the Atari St home computer. Its sales weren’t great butreached $25 million during 1986.

In the early 1990s, Atari found itself in a legal battle with Nintendo, which manufactured the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and later the Super NES. Atari lost an anti-trust lawsuit vs. Nintendo in 1992. Atari released the Jaguar gaming system that year. It was definitely an innovative system but it had a price tag that was twice the price of Nintendo’s NES.

The Atari 2600 console was definitely a game-changer in the gaming industry. However, the company was struggling by the 1990s. Sega invested $40 million in Atari in 1994 and received all of the company’s patent rights.

Atari got a reboot in 1996 as Atari I Interactive but failed to bring back the popularity of its glory years. JTS went on to sell Atari’s intellectual property in 1998 to Hasbro. The toy company bought the troubled company for $5 million. In exchange, it received all of the company’s copyrights, patents, and trademarks.

Atari is owned today by Atari Interactive, which is owned by the parent company Atari SA. In 2001 Atari SA announced it would “reinvent” the old Atari brand by launching 3 brand new games. The target market of the new games was gamers aged 18-34 years old. The company experienced various changes over the next years as its umbrella company took different steps in an attempt to revive the company.

The company’s three Atari divisions emerged from bankruptcy in 2014. It joined the social casino gaming industry via Atari Casino. A few years ago in 2014 Atari announced its new business plan. It would focus on new “audiences” They included real-money gambling, social casinos, and YouTube. The company is still trying to revive its years during the Golden Age of arcade video games.

It’s unknown what Atari’s future will be. However, it clearly was one of the most important companies in the video game industry’s early years. In fact, today many gamers enjoy old-school titles through emulators that recreate the experience of playing Atari games, and sometimes even the experience of playing them in arcades of the 1970s/1980s.


Golf Clash – The game of the month!

There are thousands of games on Apple’s app store to chose from, and sometimes you come across a unique one. That is the case with Golf Clash. Inevitably, games that become popular eventually are hacked by some malicious party. And so, as Golf Clash has become more popular, Golf Clash hacks started appearing in YouTube videos and the pages of Google. This comes as no surprise. What really intrigues us is how Golf Clash became popular in the first place.

It amazes us how something unpopular with most kids these days – golf – could be made popular among many children and their friends because of a new golf game for the iPhone. The game could be much larger than you’d imagine, with new tournaments popping up now and again where friends can battle head to head for epic prizes, and online matches against random players from around the world.

The success of Golf Clash can be attributed to its dedicated developers who run an active Twitter page to offer help and support to the community while constantly updating the game with new fun events and features. The developer’s Twitter page is not the only active community by any means. There is a section devoted just to Golf Clash on the Playdemic forums where you can find update notes, connect with other players, and provide the developers with new suggestions for the game. Not many iPhone apps allow for users to give this type of feedback, so it is heartwarming to see a fun smartphone game that cares deeply about the user experience.

Players of Golf Clash use gems to upgrade their golf balls, bags, and clubs. What sets this game apart from others is the ability to express yourself with bags, balls, and clubs with logos of your favorite sports teams or basic designs that you can show off to other players online.

The gameplay of Golf Clash is nothing short of awesome. Constant tournaments and events keep even advanced players on their feet, and it is easy to find online matches any time of the day to keep yourself well oiled for the upcoming events. Players new to the game will have no trouble jumping right into the game with its simple to understand but difficult to master game mechanics. If a player is having trouble, there are hundreds of YouTube videos and internet articles devoted to teaching new players tips and tricks on how to master the gameplay of Golf Clash.

To keep itself self-sufficient, the game does offer in-app purchases for the devoted players who want to support the game development while also expressing themselves in-game by purchasing new aesthetics from the shop.

All in all, Golf Clash is one of the fastest growing apps on the app store and for good reason. There is something for everyone in this game. Whether you play for the great community or to try and master the game mechanics, you will enjoy playing Golf Clash with your friends and family.


Leather Note book – Sophisticated Gifts ForYour Games Arcade

Are you searching for a trendy and classy gift item that you could get for your colleague, business friend, or manager this Christmas? If you are still not yet able to decide what gift to buy and what not to buy?Have you considered getting a leather note book? Leather note books would definitely be a great gift for a business minded person and the recipient of the gift will find it very useful. It’s also possible for you to select a wide variety of leather note books to present to friends as a gift. We’ll be discussing the various types of leather note books in this article.

A turquoise leather note-book with a twig: This leather notebook is beautiful and it is a notebook bound leather cord. A soft turquoise deerskin is used to make its cover and its paper cover sheets are handmade. The colour of the interior pages are white and its back cover is composed of wood. To make it look more elegant, it comes with a twig that’s bound into a spine with parts of a metal engine being highlighted.

Refillable leather note-book with a handle: This refillable leather note book is fastened together with screw posts to make it refilled over and over again. It has acid-free, blank pages, making it animpeccablejournal, sketchbook or a guest book. It also contains a gold suede leather, infused with a thermostat coil so as to make swirl designs on it.

Quilted leather notebook: This is another kind of note book that couldgive as a gift to all your clients, employees, or even colleagues. It is made with a genuine quit leather cover that makes it visually appealing. Another feature that makes this leather notebook remarkable and something you should give as a gift is its narrow-ruled 240 pages with golden edges. This notebook has a ribbon page marker, which lets you mark your pages. Also, it also has a storage pocket where you can place other important documents.

Offshore Domain Hosting For Your Online Games

Are you thinking of hosting a website or a being a service provider? Though there are many alternatives when it comes to web hosting or online services, the first thing you should consider is Hosting which is very important. Depending on your anticipated viewers and the services you aim to offer the best alternative you should consider when starting your online appearance is offshore domain hosting.

What are Offshore Servers?

It can be stated that offshore servers are servers that are apparently positioned or set up outside your website serving country, though people frequently describe offshore hosting and offshore servers as servers that are setup within countries which are more lenient with their laws on hosting than their individual home countries. Some of these countries which are far more lenient with their hosting laws are Hong Kong, Caribbean, and Panama. A lot of these offshore hosting servers in these countries only request for the information needed to collect payments from their clients and as such offer mostly anonymous hosting, although countries like the UK or US can never offer such anonymous hosting services.

Some of Advantages Offshore Hosting offers

One of the first and important advantages the offshore domain hosting has to offer is that it provide its client with certain privacy and security which are rather not offered by onshore servers. Discovering one of such offshore servers is as easy as looking it up on the web, and as already stated most of them would only request for little information in order to set up your hosting and would be far more indulgent in what they would permit you to upload through their servers. Though if you are not certain about the restrictions on your contents you can always look up on each of the service provider’s usage policy just in case, so you don’t end up breaking any laws due to ignorance. Offshore hosting provides the privacy and security for many illegal contents and services hosting sites so they can avoid any form of indictment for their activities.

Unique Adult Hosting – How to Design Adult-themed Games

Selecting a special adult hosting service would offer security to your files as well aside from providing you with the freedom to get adult contents on your website.It provides you with an efficient traffic management and easy access time. It prompts you to oversee your website account without encountering great technical issues.

There are various types of web hosting services that you could pick from. There are different features that will assist you in choosing which one would work best for you. In selecting a specific adult web hosting service you have to, first of all, think about the cost. If it’s out of your then you surely can’t go for it. It is a way to narrow down your options as well. There is a diverse variety of special and inexpensive adult website hosting services that could be found on the market.

The next thing you should think about is your needs. Check if your options as regards an adult web provider gives enough space for your web page at all times? Disk space is an essential factor that you have to think about. This would provide you with the freedom to get images, bulletins, and contents on your web page.

Next is the least traffic on a daily basis or the bandwidth that a web host permits. Normally adult hosts could handle intense traffic and could manage various technical issues. There are specific adult website hosting providers that give limitless disk space and bandwidth.

Another essential factor is the speed. An adult web host should be able to provide you with a swift access that will allow you to upload, get into and upgrade your site in the least amount of time. If your adult hosting would provide you with a slow access time you would surely lose a lot of potential clients. The nest thing you have to think about is the features. A specific adult hosting provider should possess unique features as well. This offers them an advantage over the remaining website hosting providers.

Anonymous VPS Hosting For Your Game Design Website

Anonymous Hosting is of immense benefit for not just Freedom of Speech, but for controversial issues like File Sharing, Information Sharing and more as well. This explains why when you select the best anonymous VPS hosting provider, you might take each and everyone of these factors into consideration, as well as the feedback of their clients – to select the best of the best web hosting in order to keep your website secure and identity safe.

Any certified anonymous hosting provider would never promote illegal activities via these means. Normally, anonymity is maintained so as to encourage people such as known bloggers, who would like their words to get to the common man without having to reveal their identity, or mostly to keep the trade secrets of a specific establishment from the rest of the world.

These hosts or companies don’t ask for the name or address of the client but open the account by giving a relationship number, which very well guarantees that the identity of the client won’t be revealed, irrespective of what the situation is. At the end of the day, when the provider does not possess the record containing the details of the customer, there is no way the scope of information would get leaked out even by accident.

The benefits for you to get your data hosted by an offshore hosting provider is to promote your data privacy and obtain an international presence that would be appreciated by your clients.  The majority of the offshore hosting establishments still obtain your information, pry into your privacy and force you to make use of a credit card. Anonymous VPS hosting staysaway from all of this and offers you a really private business environment.

There are a lot of valid reasons to keep complete privacy, for instance, you may want to put an end to domain-related spam, deter identity fraud & theft, prevent stalkers, data miners & harassers from being efficient, safeguard your identity when it comes to job security, as well as stop you from being harassed by abusive spouses, and so on.

Improve Your Muscle Game with the Best Creatine Supplements: Top 10 List – FitBody

Of all the known sporting supplements, Creatine is one of the most commonly used of them all. Its essential purpose is to improve muscles and enhance execution of high-energy sports which gives an added advantage in anaerobic sports competitions, it is also used in body building exercises. Take a look at the best creatine supplements: Top 10 List – FitBody for a few creatine supplements. Creatine is a natural substance that originates from meat, particularly wild games and also in fishes. It is a vital to building an effective skeletal muscle system, for example, triceps, biceps, pecs and abs.

To be precise Creatine helps retain water in your muscles. This is the main function of creatine and it is very effective at doing that. When the muscles in the body store enough water they become in a very good condition for building up fresh muscles. And as such the effects are much more visible when you start bodybuilding training.

You would not be disappointed when taking creatine for body building because you understand how it performs and how it improves your muscle growth. Though it is of no effect if you take creatine without the required body workout needed to grow your muscles.

Creatinehas been tested and proven to perform as it is always required i.e. in building bigger muscles, making it stronger and faster,unlike various other kinds of sports supplements or enhancers that always fluctuatealong with the current trend. Just check out best creatine supplements: Top 10 List FitBody.

How does natural Creatine really work?

Creatine is a naturally existing amino acid that is produced in the human body, small amounts of creatineare produced by the liver and kidney, and it is also gotten from ingested meat especially wild game and fishes like herring and tuna. All these naturally producedcreatine later become accessible to your skeletal muscles.

Personal Injury Lawyer For Your Video Game Related Injuries

When looking to get a personal injury lawyer, you should always consider the fact that it isn’t every lawyer that practices person injury litigation.Thus it is essential to be able to get a lawyer who practices such litigation and also practices specific forms of injury. It is important for you to have a lawyer who is very skilled and experienced in personal injury law because most insurance companies also have their group of experienced and professional lawyers that also practice the same personal injury law.

You should also consider a lawyer who has good connections in the medical field with medical professionals within their reach who would be of a great advantage to the success your case. The lawyer should also have an insight on various similar cases just as yours. A personal injury case usually takes a lot of time to prepare for it. The lawyer should be able to assist you with certain things such as, filing motions which help reduce the stress on you, managing discoveries, and collecting statements from witnesses.

There are different kinds of these personal injury claims and each lawyer has the one they each specializes in. For instance, if a physician is being sued, the kind of lawyer required for the job is one who practices in complex andimmense law related to medical negligence. The same type of lawyer is also needed in a case whereby a company is being sued for the production of a flawed product.

Individuals who have experienced some sort of brain damage or whatever other form of defects or injuries that inhibit them from being able to function in their work or have being inflicted with any injuries that requires a lifetime medical attention ought to employ a very good and reputable personal injury lawyer with known success in similar cases to handle your case. It would be such a waste of your time and money if you should employ just any injury lawyer that has little or no experience with your specific injury case.

Samsung Hoverboard –Designing an Interactive Hoverboard Game

Just to be certain the no. of fires as a result of hoverboards have been little so far and hoverboard establishments that couldn’t prove the safety of their hoverboards have been removed from the sale list on Amazon. The list of the most efficient and effective hoverboards plays host to self-balancing scooters that include the Samsung hoverboard that has been confirmed to be secure by Amazon and is made up of brand batteries from LG and Samsung.

You won’t find any inexpensive Chinese batteries in any of the previously mentioned hoverboards. The inexpensive models that are susceptible to exploding and catching fire can still be found online but not on Amazon. We just selected items that are on Amazon due to the fact that they are secure for the consumer in addition to the fact that Amazon has an awesome return policy in the event that anything might be bad with our product.

The use of the scooters is very easy. They are powered by rechargeable batteries. The electric motors begin to move the wheels immediately you switch on the power and land the two feet on the board. The sensors decipher where you want to go through your body movements, as well as the way you lean – backward or forward, down or up – and move accordingly in the correct way.

If you are seeking for the most effective and efficient Two Wheel Balancing Scooter that are for Sale, you’re in the right place. “Hoverboards”, Self-balancing scooters, “Hoverboard Segways” or “mini Segways” as they are referred to, are the talk of the town nowadays. Two wheel self-balancing scooters like the Samsung hoverboard are one of the best-selling gadgets on Amazon as well as other online retailers.

We hope these reviews are of immense benefit to you so that you will make an informed buy. Hoverboards vary in quality and features. Before you purchase, know the wheel size you would require, the battery type available with the body, if it’s from a certified establishment and whether it has Bluetooth.

Nuvella Pros and Cos – Information To Improve The Beautiful Game

More than 30% of the populace face one or more form of skin disorder at a particular period in their life and this is usually as a result of the high level of exposure to polluted air today and a couple of other factors that cause eczema, wrinkles, premature skin aging, redness, skin dryness and several other conditions. However, the good news is that Nuvella is guaranteed to give you utmost aid in combating all forms of sin problems rapidly as it acts in a short period. It also serves as a moisturizer making you have a healthy, elastic and smooth skin irrespective of how old you are, in addition, the effects also last long.

Ingredients Listand Working Process

Novella Serum is gotten from herbal ingredients listed on the bottle including:

  • Grape Seed Extract – This contains antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties to help in skin recovery.
  • Vitamins – Vitamin C works as a nutrient to the skin cells and also protects the skin from UV rays that could cause damage the skin.
  • Retinol – this helps to neutralize the skin and eradicate the radicals that cause premature aging, wrinkles, and the breaking down of the skin cells.
  • Niacinamide – It is an antioxidant but it also helps to increase the skin elasticity and lock the moisture in.

The Merits of Nuvella Serum

  • It helps to provide help from skin conditions such asredness, eczema, wrinkles, ingrown hair, and others.
  • It is made from top-quality ingredients in precise and pre-determined proportions that will ensure that you encounter no side effects while you use it
  • The product is quite user-friendly as it has a clear practical and step by step analysis on how it should be used and also the process that is involvedin the normaland daily skin care routine that could be used.
  • It also comes with a wide variety of products to select from having every serum designed precisely to provide relief from different conditions.

The Demerits of Nuvella Serum

  • No disadvantages would be gotten while Nuvellais being used as a skin care serum.

Junivive – Taking Your Beauty Game To Another Level

Taking care of your skin by using the best skincare packages and products can be a good thing for you to personally do if you are interested in looking more appealing. Ladies who use high quality skin products andproducts that have been proven to be efficient and could counter the signs of aging. However, getting the right Junivive solution and product you need for your skin is usually an uphill task.

Most of the products that are available in the market do not usually provide all the features as they don’t help. Junivive is a skincare product that helps to put a stop to aging as it has components that eliminate all forms of wrinkles, age spots, traces and every other form of aging on your skin.

All the needs of your skin will be met when you use this product as it has the ability to help you get rid of all forms of aging around your skin surface. Junivive can also be used on all your pores and the Junivive Crème skin surface could be used on your neck, other delicate pores and the skin close to your eyes. These features, make you knowledgeable about its deep effects.

Another major and superior quality of the item is that while it helps women to counter the effects of aging, it also helps to treat a whole lot of skin diseases and disorders. Women who have used the Junivive Creme product or the service can attest to reduction in redness, excema, and several other types of skin disorders.

Finally, putting Junivive as one of your skincare products to be used daily on your skin can help your skin aiming it smooth, youthful, radiant and glowing skin surface area.

Also note that though theJunivive Cream is clinically tested to produce efficient results, you mustn’t forget that individuals that experience the ideal final results can still use the product regularly and as directed. Sticking to the skincare regime will renew the skin surface area and give you a dazzling surface area.

Buy Real YouTube Views for Your Game Demonstration Videos

YouTube Likes, YouTube Comments, and YouTube Views play a major role as far as the new trend of digital marketing industry known as online video marketing is concerned. It’s a very inexpensive and easy way of marketing due to the fact that digital cameras are enough to make a promotional video. YouTube Comments are essential as it mirrors the approach of the customer to services or products, however, the competition for getting YouTube Views is on the high side. One has to follow a few easy strategies to get more YouTube Views aside from having to buy real YouTube views.

– Quality: The quality of a video is regarded as one of the essential building blocks on the way to getting more YouTube Likes. One should look at the stipulated formats and size of videos in YouTube at all times. The quality of the video is dependent on clear audio and high definition picture. Individuals opt for short videos which are informative, entertaining and more compact. Videos with lengths that are from 30 seconds to 2 minutes are more popular than longer ones.

– Title: Go for titles that are relevant but catchy to talk about the video since people use less than 2 seconds to read the title. Titles should be readable in 2 seconds meaning people can locate it easily and share it on various social portals where YouTube Views are mostly increased. It’s recommended to make use of search engine optimized (SEO) keywords in the title such as “how to” at the start of a tutorial video.

– Descriptions: YouTube provides a good space to talk about the video. One should utilize this option wisely by using the most related key phrases. One could mention its official site link or URL in the description which assists in promoting targeted traffic as well.

– Thumbnails: Video marketing experts are aware of the benefit of thumbnails in a video promotion. Individuals have a normal instinct to check attractive unknown thumbnails which are an a venue for more YouTube Views.

The Moving Game – Save Money on UK removals to France

House removal can be a costly venture, and there are a lot of establishments who make an awesome living by depending on the inability of clients to locate the correct deal. There are a lot of ways to save money through UK removals to France services, and while not all and sundry is concerned with limiting costs through something such as this, chances are at least one of our tips will bail you out.

Packing yourself might seem a clear choice, however more and more removal establishments are providing this service. It might look like an easy route to moving, however, you need to decide if it is worth the cash, and whether you would also like the removal firm to unpack.

When you have cross checked your house before you as you’re making plans for your forthcoming house removals you will see different items that might need some unique handling. Of course, there are a few items that a house removals establishment won’t move for safety reasons like hazardous materials.

Boxes are regarded as another known cash saving route with removals.

Renting boxes is an option provided by a majority of the removal firms, and you don’t pay anything for them once you get the complete amount back upon return of the boxes. Find out from the removal firm what condition they have to be in for a complete deposit though.

House insurance is something that is pushed aside with UK removals to France services on most occasions. Your items are in every likelihood covered by the insurance of the removal company. Their level of insurance should be made known on the quote they provided you with. If you are looking to successfully carry out a house removal on your own, perhaps through the hiring of a van as well as getting some friends, take a look at your house insurance documentation, as it might also include removal cover. There are a lot of insurance products available as of today which cater for house removal cover.

Game Designs around Inflatable Water Slides for Sale 2017

The inflatable water slide has improved a great deal since the era of slip and slide. Nowadays, manufacturers of inflatable water slides for sale 2017 have made big blow-up inflatables and a water slide could now have a big drop down to it, unlike what was obtainable with the earlier ones that were flat on the ground.

A residential water slide could be accompanied by more than a slide lane thus offering room for more kids, as well as the chance to have entertaining races to the finish. Nowadays, the inflatable water slide is in a lot of various themes. There is the slide out of the princess bouncy, sliding through the jungle, slide racer, and of course the slide down the lion’s mouth.

Some families are buying more than an inflatable water slide and making a complete-featured water park that is located in their own backyard. This has a way through which their kids become very popular in the neighbourhood and in no time you will see your children get a lot of new friends.

Therefore, when you stop to think about what you may expend this summer on water parks, and amusement parks, consider how awesome it would be to bring the water slide, bounce house as well as the water park right to your very own home.

Inflatable water slides are in various forms and shapes, appendages and colours. Safety is guaranteed and children from the minimum age of 5 years can be able to enjoy them with little supervision. If you would like to check out how much fun your family would have with the use of these basic but life-size toys, you would certainly wish you had purchased one a long time ago.

Each set is accompanied by all the things you might require: a repair kit, a portable blower that would prepare it for use, and the waterslide itself. Inflatable water slides for sale 2017 are very easy to assemble as well. Just follow the simple steps as stipulated on the manual and you should be good.