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Our site is dedicated to video games and Atari in particular. If you’re a fan of the company’s consoles, computers, and games then this is definitely the right site for you. However, how much do you know about the history of the company? The goal of our site is to provide you with the latest news and information about the company’s offerings including hardware and software.

It all started decades ago in 1971. That’s the year Nolan Bushnell teamed up with Ted Dabney to launch the world’s first arcade game titled “Computer Space.” It was based on another game titled “Spacewar!” That was just the start of the company’s history.



Bushnell created the game ”Pong” with some help one year later. The game would go on to become one of the most famous games in video game history. That includes the arcade, console, and game version of the title. In fact, it’s been included in the World Video Game Hall of Fame along with other famous video games.

The history of Atari itself started in 1972. That’s when Bushnell and Dabney collaborated to form the company named Atari. The term is from the traditional Japanese game “Go.”

Atari re-released “Pong” a few years later in 1975 as a home console game. An incredible 150,000 units of the system were sold by Atari and Sears.  This is the event that basically put Atari on the map. There were other highlights in the company’s early history but this was the one that allowed the public to learn about the new gaming company.

Bushnell went on to buy out Dabney’s half of the company. After the company became successful he sold it for $28 million to Warner Communications. Its sale was clearly related to the sales of “Pong” and the potential future sales of new Atari consoles and games.

Indeed, Atari continued it’s the total sales of its home video systems hit $415 million by the year 1980. Bushnell was still the Atari President. During that year Atari’s first PC was launched. Atari ended up splitting its computer and gaming businesses into two divisions. The company’s consoles and games remained the cash cows of the company even though it launched multiple PCs.

The video game crash of 1983 is historic and resulted in the industry struggling until Nintendo launched its NES about a decade later. There are various factors that are blamed for the crash, but ironically Atari’s titles “Pac-Man” and “E.T.” have received much of the blame. They included issues such as flickering ghosts and square “pellets” that the game’s protagonist ate.

“Pac-Man” was based on the hit arcade game, while “E.T.” was based on the blockbuster movie directed by Steven Spielberg. “Pac-Man” ironically went on to become the all-time best-selling Atari game at 7 million units, although about two times that number was produced. The game was criticized for various reasons including its design and gameplay. 

“E.T.” was rushed and designed in a little over half a year. Atari wanted to cash in on the popularity of the movie and release the game in time for the holiday shopping season. The game went on to sell about 1.5 million units but was greatly criticized for its design and gameplay. In fact, some industry experts have ranked it as the all-time worst video game in history.


The game was also included in an urban legend that tons of “E.T.” cartridges were buried following the 1983 gaming crash. A few years ago the games were unearthed to verify that it was indeed fact. It’s debatable whether or not the game was the main cause of the 1983 gaming crash but it could easily be argued it affected the decline in sales of games and consoles during the next few years.

Warner’s console division experienced major losses in 1983 that totaled over half a billion dollars, or $533 million. The company decided to sell the company to an ex-CEO of Commodore, which became known for its PCs. Jack Tramiel launched the Atari St home computer. Its sales weren’t great butreached $25 million during 1986.

In the early 1990s, Atari found itself in a legal battle with Nintendo, which manufactured the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and later the Super NES. Atari lost an anti-trust lawsuit vs. Nintendo in 1992. Atari released the Jaguar gaming system that year. It was definitely an innovative system but it had a price tag that was twice the price of Nintendo’s NES.

The Atari 2600 console was definitely a game-changer in the gaming industry. However, the company was struggling by the 1990s. Sega invested $40 million in Atari in 1994 and received all of the company’s patent rights.

Atari got a reboot in 1996 as Atari I Interactive but failed to bring back the popularity of its glory years. JTS went on to sell Atari’s intellectual property in 1998 to Hasbro. The toy company bought the troubled company for $5 million. In exchange, it received all of the company’s copyrights, patents, and trademarks.

Atari is owned today by Atari Interactive, which is owned by the parent company Atari SA. In 2001 Atari SA announced it would “reinvent” the old Atari brand by launching 3 brand new games. The target market of the new games was gamers aged 18-34 years old. The company experienced various changes over the next years as its umbrella company took different steps in an attempt to revive the company.

The company’s three Atari divisions emerged from bankruptcy in 2014. It joined the social casino gaming industry via Atari Casino. A few years ago in 2014 Atari announced its new business plan. It would focus on new “audiences” They included real-money gambling, social casinos, and YouTube. The company is still trying to revive its years during the Golden Age of arcade video games.

It’s unknown what Atari’s future will be. However, it clearly was one of the most important companies in the video game industry’s early years. In fact, today many gamers enjoy old-school titles through emulators that recreate the experience of playing Atari games, and sometimes even the experience of playing them in arcades of the 1970s/1980s.


Nutrisystem Reviews: An In-depth Look at the Nutrisystem Diet Meal Plan

Nutrisystem is similar to other diet programs; in the sense that it takes warm up-and- eat approach to losing weight. One of the fundamental parts of most internet diet service is the prepackaged meals offered, though there are Nutrisystem reviews on the internet touting the program as just another Television dinner, it is important to be aware that the meals offered are under calorie control and they provide convenient nutrient portions. Nutrisystem diet program assists individuals with busy schedules on every step needed for weight loss. Nonetheless, though the meals are provided does not mean it is the more expensive.

Nutrisystem diet program offers low glycemic meals with the provision of sufficient proteins. The experts as Nutrisystem designed the meals in this way so that appetite control is boosted and the hunger cravings between meals will be decreased. The majority of your diet will consist of the meals offered by Nutrisystem, you are also permitted to make a supplement of dairy products, fruits, and vegetables. There are various diet plans to select from under the Nutrisystem diet program. Some of the plans are targeted to men, women, diabetic patients and much more.

The supplementary tools on the Nutrisystem website beyond simple dieting tips and basic recipes. You will find a dining guide that will help you with staying within the range of your calorie consumption when you go out to eat or when cooking. In addition, you will find portion controls tools that will help you in comparing and seeing food options. The tools will help you with developing basic guidelines that you can follow when you are done with the diet program and you are back to eating regular food.

It is important that you find the necessary motivation to have you working out on your own because there is not really an exercise program offering this service other than giving few tips.

One of the benefits of the Nutrisystem diet program as reported in various Nutrisystem reviews is the provision of trained weight loss therapists. These individuals are available round the clock to assist and support you while under the program. In addition, they will provide you with guidance and tips while you getting back to your regular diet.

Essential Guide to Buying the Best Orthopedic Dog Bed

From the lens of a manufacturer, the best orthopedic dog bed are broadly divided into two types: The memory foam dog beds and egg-crate foam dog beds.

The memory foam is a distinct type of polyurethane that was invented by NASA in the 1970’s. The memory is designed to absorb heat from the body of your dog and to mold and be flexible to the body shape. The quality of a memory foam is not determined by the thickness rather by its density, if perchance you come across a thin memory foam dog bed there is the guarantee that it will provide excellent comfort and support for your dog. They are very durable, just in case you are looking out for an option that will span over a period.

On the other hand, the egg-crate foam, dog beds are cheap if the price is compared to that of the memory foam. Just as the name implies, this foam is similar in appearance to egg crates. This design facilitates a cooler surface and better air flow than the regular orthopedic foam. The egg-crate foam adjustment to pressure is immediate. One disadvantage you should note about the egg-crate foam beds is that they are not as durable as the memory foam beds. Over time the bed will be compressed, which implies that the bed is due for replacement as it will not provide the necessary support your dog needs.

Below you will find a detailed guide for dog bed buyers:

Step 1: How large is your dog?

The first factor to consider is the size of your fur baby. If you own a large dog breed, for instance, a German Shepherd, it is important that you opt for a dog bed that is large to accommodate your dog. It is advised that you opt for a bed of thickness 7”.

Step 2: How healthy is your dog?

If perchance you have a dog that is not suffering from joint pain, muscle stiffness or arthritis, it is an ideal choice to opt for the less expensive best orthopedic dog bed option which is the memory foam beds. It will still provide the comfort and support required.

Dog Playpen: Evaluating the Different Types and Functions

Dog Playpens, otherwise known as puppy playpens or exercise pens are one of the facilities that a dog owner must acquire most especially new dog owners. This facility permits you to leave your puppy or dog in a confined area that is safe for your dog while you are busy with chores around the house or when are not available to give your dog or puppy the attention required. Thousands of dogs or puppy get hurt, get sick or die annually from choking or ingesting some things around the house. A dog playpen will help keep your dog safe from areas that can be dangerous.

Types of Dog Playpens


The most commonly used indoor form of dog playpen is the plastic option. It is lightweight, affordable, and durable. The Plastic dog playpen is an excellent choice for smaller dogs, owing to it being lightweight compared to other options on the market. The Plastic playpen is not as strong as other option to meet the requirements and needs of an overly active and large dog.


The Wire dog playpen is sturdier when compared to the plastic dog playpen; in term of durability, it is preferred to the plastic dog playpen. The Wire dog playpen can double as a dog gate and they come in various heights. The cons to acquiring a wire dog playpen are that it is heavier than the plastic dog playpen and over time they tend to rust.


Among all three mentioned, these are the lightest and they are quite mobile. This is an ideal option for smaller dogs and young puppies. They are not as sturdy as the Wire dog playpen but they are the best option for dogs that have the habit of chewing.

Among all the animals tried for domestication, Dogs so far are the most faithful. If you considering security, having a dog in your house is a good idea. If perchance, you are a new dog owner and you have a dog or puppy that is very active and energetic, there is the tendency they will get up in some form of mischief, acquiring a dog playpen is advised.

Trampoline for Kids: What You Need To Know About Safety

A mini trampoline for kids is a great tool used to perform exercise activities and get a fit body. They can be used inside the home so that if the weather condition is not favorable, your child can still catch fun and get entertained. A trampoline for kids comes with a waterproof jumping surface that has the capacity to withstand any form of wearing and bouncing for a long period of time. Some also come with a convenient handle so children can rest on them to ensure a balanced position. Also, to ensure an all-round safety and protection, the springs are covered with padding to prevent kids from stepping through the hard surface and to shield the frame.

Just like other kids toys, some toddler trampolines can be folded to small size and shape for easy storage. Toy companies understand that little kids have lots of toys at home. Parents like being able to fold these toys so that they can have enough space inside their home. You wouldn’t want your home to be covered with toys and some other irrelevant materials.

A kid’s indoor trampoline can be used for different purposes like getting a baby or toddler to perform physical activities and have fun. They are safe for kids, and it also comes with some added features like padding and cushioning to provide extra safety. They are also great for leisure period, so the kids can have a fun-filled day inside the house. Besides using it for physical activities, children can use it as a mat while doing their homework or watching TV. If you are shopping for a great gift for kids, consider getting one of these products.

Generally, smaller trampolines are made especially for kids between the ages of three to five. After using, they can be folded for easy storage and are movable. Most of these products have the capacity to handle a child that weighs as much as 35kg without tilting over or breaking. However, it depends on the sort of activity performed on the trampoline for kids or the weight of the child to know its breaking point.

Identifying the Features of the Best Survival Knife

When you are caught unawares or overpowered and you are in a critical situation, the best survival knife is a vital tool to have in your possession and can be utilized for different sort of survivalist activities ranging from skinning game, creating a shelter, splitting or chopping firewood, opening cans, cutting rope, and a host of others. Now before you decide to purchase one, it is important to know the features to look for. Below are some general rules of purchasing a good survival knife;

Fixed blade, not folding

A good folding knife is ideal for the everyday task, but if you happen to find yourself in a critical or survival condition, a fixed blade is the most ideal. One of the major reasons why this happens is because a folding knife’s joint or pivot has the tendency to bend or fold when it undergoes the rough mistreatment your survival knife will endure.

What you want in a survival knife is something that can be utilized for a wide variety of tasks like thrusting, chopping, pounding, prying, and rigorous cutting. Folding knives do not have the capacity to carry out these tasks effectively.

Full tang is the Perfect option

A ‘full tang’ can be described as a blade which covers the entire length of the knife, from the tip to the whole handle part. It helps to provide the strength needed in many survival situations.

A partial tang cannot be effectively used in situations where you need to force the blade against a tough object or use the knife as a prying device. The full tang knife is going to be more effective when carrying out some tasks like prying or digging.

A solid, synthetic handle

Apart from the blade and using it effectively, another important factor to consider is the handle because you have to hold and utilize the best survival knife in extreme weather condition at most times. The handle should also have the capacity to handle all sorts of beating and wearing when you are using your knife for tasks like chopping wood or loosening of prying objects.

Best Knife Sharpener: Essential Considerations for Making the Right Choice

No matter the kind of knife you purchase, their edges need to be properly sharpened for effectiveness. And it is wise to maintain the sharpness of your knives because it is safer to cut with a sharp knife than a blunt one. Blunt knives make cutting process tiresome and tedious and there is a high chance of you getting injured. You can decide to use the gentlest maintenance, the sharpening steel, which helps to keep the knife edge in a straight form without it losing lots of material. Also, sharpening should be carried out frequently, either by means of a sharpening steel, the best knife sharpener or an adequate stone.

The knife will eventually require sharpening, which brings about a loss of material from the knife edge. How often you need to carry out the sharpening process depends on how often you utilize the knife, type of materials you cut, and the sort of surface you cut on. While many people prefer the hand-sharpening over others, it requires some technical skills. Not everyone has the time to learn the sharpening process of the knife or spend much time carrying out the activities. Electric sharpeners are very fast in operation and don’t require many skills. Also, the non-electric sharpeners are convenient to use than traditional sharpening stones.

An important factor to consider is the kind of sharpener that is best for you and this depend on the skill and the types of knives you use. Ceramic knives are tougher than steel knives, and therefore can’t be effectively sharpened with traditional sharpeners; some knives blades can only be sharpened on one side while others are sharpened on the two sides; the angle of the knife vary and it depends on the design of knife; and not all sharpeners have the capacity to handle serrated knives. In the end, you might eventually decide to purchase more than one sharpeners if you have different kinds of knives.

If you choose the best knife sharpener to achieve your tasks, you will have an enjoyable and lasting experience while using them. So, you must pick the right knife sharpener so that all these benefits and advantages can be yours.

Profollix Inhaltsstoffe: A Look at How Profollix Ingredients Work Against Hair Loss

Profollix is an excellent formulation of natural ingredients that counteract the loss of hair. If Profollix is taken as prescribed, the hair is given a beautiful shine and a larger volume. The Profollix Inhaltsstoffe are fused together to form a system that is identified as a dietary supplement.

The American Company – Nathans Natural is responsible for two excellent products, Profollix and Vitanoria. Vitanoria is a product formulated from natural ingredients specifically for women to prevent hair loss. Older women that are experiencing changes in their metabolic function or having a connection with the menopause can also use Vitanoria, in order to give more volume to their thinning hair.

The potency of the ingredients subsumed in Vitanoria has to be demonstrated using clinical trials for healthier and fuller hair growth. The natural ingredients include amino acids and vitamins in the ideal amount, thus helping in the regulation of the chemistry of the body. The balance in the body’s chemistry helps in the provision of the support for hair growth, by increasing the volume or forming new hair. As mentioned earlier, Profollix is a product that can be of assistance when individual desires to counteract hair loss.

The Profollix Inhaltsstoffe and Vitanoria ingredients seem to complement each other and they tend to ensure excellent physical well-being. Any deficiency in amino acid, trace elements or vitamins can be detrimental not only to older women; younger women tend to suffer from these deficiencies, which is evident in their thin, dull and brittle hair.

Unhealthy and unilateral diets are one of the methods of dealing with most of these deficiencies. The trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, which seem very important to the body’s metabolism, are not often in the right amount in our diets, so it is important that they are supplied to the body in some other form. The needs and requirements of male bodies are somewhat different from the body of women. The majority of the natural substances required in the body are supplied in higher concentration to the body of women in order to have them strong and healthy. The Profollix and Vitanoria products have been specially designed to meet the requirements of the body of women as a nutritional supplement.

Duty Cleaners Maid Service: Get the Best with these Essential Tips

Most recently, it seems that everyone is extra busy with their jobs that there is little or no time at all to clean the house; many people are caught with work, running kids back and forth to sports games and taking care of kids. If per chance your house is a mess owing to the fact you have not enough time in the world to spare in order to clean your room, you should then help in contacting duty cleaners maid service for help with cleaning your home.

A maid service will make sure that maids are sent over to yurt home to have it cleaned and keep it clean. These cleaning services are set up to make your life a lot easier. Among the several things you got going during the day, this service ensures that you do not need to worry about cleaning your house.

You are in the position of choosing a number of maids you want to be sent to your home and o what intervals you want them to be sent. There are people that request for a house cleaner to come over and clean their house for just ones, while there are individuals that ask that maid be sent to their home once in a week for house cleaning. On the high end, you will find an individual that request that maids should be sent over to their home every day to keep their home clean.

If your home is small, you definitely do not need more than one maid for cleaning because having more than one maid will have the maids not doing their jobs effectively. For larger homes, it is advised that you opt for two or more maids just so they can effectively carry out their primary assignment which is to keep your home clean.

Rather than employing the services of a maid service provider, you can hire individuals that are looking out for the job of a maid but most people do not find it interesting opening their doors to strangers. If you intend on hiring the service of duty cleaners maid service, you can be sure that the maid will not rob you and they will carry out their primary assignment properly.

What You Need to Know about Choosing the Best Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

Are you in search of an unswerving teakettle? Most individuals are aware of the role the tea kettle plays in the kitchen, which is to boil water for preparing beverages. They can be fabricated aluminum, steel, copper, silver, plastic, and iron. The tea kettle fabricated from stainless steel are the most renowned in the market. One of the reasons being that – the best stainless steel tea kettle guarantee more safety that tea kettles fabricated from other materials, unlike Plastic teapots that are criticized by many health practitioners for their safety.

If you fancy the plastic teapots, you can find stainless steel kettles that have plastic parts incorporated in their design, parts like maximum water level mark, window, and lids. This does not in any way make them less preferable to other designs. One of the problems associated with plastic kettles is you being carefree when picking out one. If you really want to enjoy using the stainless steel teakettle, it is advised that you opt for the double walled option. This is because this option has the necessary insulation to avert any incident of getting burnt when they are involuntarily touched.

According to the feedback from users, it is advised that you avoid picking the models with seams because they tend to trap the filth that cannot be cleaned properly. The seamless options are the best choice for the fact that they do not have any spot that can hide or trap dirt within. If you will be opting for the single walled option, it is important that you avoid touching the kettle while it is powered or functioning.

It is more important that you do not allow kids anywhere where the kettle while it is functioning. If you are concerned with the maintenance, it is advised that you do not leave water inside the tea kettle to cool. By allowing this to happen, you will definitely not like the taste of the water. Just ensure that the kettle is left dry after it has boiled water for you. On earth, one of the most durable metal is stainless steel, so by opting for the best stainless steel tea kettle, you can be assured that you will use it over a period.

The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Coolest Christmas Gifts Ever for Family and Friends

There is no doubt that Christmas is fast approaching, perhaps right around the corner. This is one of the reasons there is such a rush at online retail stores and the stores in your locality since everyone is out in search of the perfect gift for their beloved. On conclusion of a little research, we have made a list of the coolest Christmas gifts ever. Later in this article, the hottest gift ideas for the holiday season will be discussed as presented.

The Apple iPod

This can be regarded as this generation’s coolest gift idea owing to the varieties in the market. In the holiday season, the Apple iPod has always been among the best sellers and over the years, it has captured the keen interest of this generation due to its ease of function and simple design.

The Digital camera

The advantage of a digital camera as a gift choice is that as images are captured they tend to be timeless. They will not discolor or show signs of fading. You are in the position to choose if they are printed on high-quality photo paper or if they should remain in digital format, you can print them as much as you want. The digital format of your pictures can be accessed anytime on the camera since the camera offers a large capacity to store images.

Smart Phones and Cell phones

Nothing much should be said about this awesome invention because everyone has one. This is an excellent gift since everyone fancy keeping in touch with their loved friends and family. They offer services of texting, calling, sharing images and surfing the internet. If this is gotten for anyone you can be very sure they will have a hard time forgetting the favor.

It is often not an easy task to choose the coolest Christmas gifts ever for your friends or family member. Everyone desires to have his or her gifts valued and cherished, so also to be perfect for the occasion it was acquired for. With the following suggestion given above, you can be sure that while giving gifts this holiday season you will definitely hit a home run.

Midnight Cake Delivery: What Everyone Ought To Know About this Service

If you intend on sending cakes to friends or family members, it is best to employ the services of any online cake store. These stored have a variety of cakes that you can make a selection form for whatever occasion, ranging from simple cake to the extravagantly decorated cakes. It is important you are aware of the fact that these cakes are manufactured from the freshest and purest ingredients. One amazing thing about a couple of these online cake shops is the midnight cake delivery service that they offer.

The midnight delivery service is the best option you can opt for if you look forward to having your loved ones surprised. The cake is delivered to that loved one when it is 12:00 am. If you are living with the individual in question or you are miles apart, getting to receive a cake at 12:00 am is a very thoughtful and romantic gesture.

You are in the position of choosing to get the cake delivered at midnight, thus making you the first one to have your loved one feeling special that day. This midnight delivery service will show your loved one how much you have thought about them and how much love you have for them, with how far you want to make sure the cake was delivered at a very odd hour. Without a doubt, that day will be memorable in the life of that individual. If you can it is important that you make events like anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine’s Day very special than they actually seem. The chances that the individual will forget this event in their lifetime is very low.

Midnight cake delivery is not just limited to couples, you can hire this service for your parents, siblings, and flat mates by having the, receive a cake at midnight. You can send your flat mates, friends and siblings birthdays cakes, while you get a father’s day cake or a mother’s day cake to your parent and be sure that it will be delivered at exactly 12:00 am. The charges are determined by the recipient’s destination, for the recipients living close to the store, they can have their cakes delivered free of charge.

Golf Clash – The game of the month!

There are thousands of games on Apple’s app store to chose from, and sometimes you come across a unique one. That is the case with Golf Clash. Inevitably, games that become popular eventually are hacked by some malicious party. And so, as Golf Clash has become more popular, Golf Clash hacks started appearing in YouTube videos and the pages of Google. This comes as no surprise. What really intrigues us is how Golf Clash became popular in the first place.

It amazes us how something unpopular with most kids these days – golf – could be made popular among many children and their friends because of a new golf game for the iPhone. The game could be much larger than you’d imagine, with new tournaments popping up now and again where friends can battle head to head for epic prizes, and online matches against random players from around the world.

The success of Golf Clash can be attributed to its dedicated developers who run an active Twitter page to offer help and support to the community while constantly updating the game with new fun events and features. The developer’s Twitter page is not the only active community by any means. There is a section devoted just to Golf Clash on the Playdemic forums where you can find update notes, connect with other players, and provide the developers with new suggestions for the game. Not many iPhone apps allow for users to give this type of feedback, so it is heartwarming to see a fun smartphone game that cares deeply about the user experience.

Players of Golf Clash use gems to upgrade their golf balls, bags, and clubs. What sets this game apart from others is the ability to express yourself with bags, balls, and clubs with logos of your favorite sports teams or basic designs that you can show off to other players online.

The gameplay of Golf Clash is nothing short of awesome. Constant tournaments and events keep even advanced players on their feet, and it is easy to find online matches any time of the day to keep yourself well oiled for the upcoming events. Players new to the game will have no trouble jumping right into the game with its simple to understand but difficult to master game mechanics. If a player is having trouble, there are hundreds of YouTube videos and internet articles devoted to teaching new players tips and tricks on how to master the gameplay of Golf Clash.

To keep itself self-sufficient, the game does offer in-app purchases for the devoted players who want to support the game development while also expressing themselves in-game by purchasing new aesthetics from the shop.

All in all, Golf Clash is one of the fastest growing apps on the app store and for good reason. There is something for everyone in this game. Whether you play for the great community or to try and master the game mechanics, you will enjoy playing Golf Clash with your friends and family.