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Our site is dedicated to video games and Atari in particular. If you’re a fan of the company’s consoles, computers, and games then this is definitely the right site for you. However, how much do you know about the history of the company? The goal of our site is to provide you with the latest news and information about the company’s offerings including hardware and software.

It all started decades ago in 1971. That’s the year Nolan Bushnell teamed up with Ted Dabney to launch the world’s first arcade game titled “Computer Space.” It was based on another game titled “Spacewar!” That was just the start of the company’s history.



Bushnell created the game ”Pong” with some help one year later. The game would go on to become one of the most famous games in video game history. That includes the arcade, console, and game version of the title. In fact, it’s been included in the World Video Game Hall of Fame along with other famous video games.

The history of Atari itself started in 1972. That’s when Bushnell and Dabney collaborated to form the company named Atari. The term is from the traditional Japanese game “Go.”

Atari re-released “Pong” a few years later in 1975 as a home console game. An incredible 150,000 units of the system were sold by Atari and Sears.  This is the event that basically put Atari on the map. There were other highlights in the company’s early history but this was the one that allowed the public to learn about the new gaming company.

Bushnell went on to buy out Dabney’s half of the company. After the company became successful he sold it for $28 million to Warner Communications. Its sale was clearly related to the sales of “Pong” and the potential future sales of new Atari consoles and games.

Indeed, Atari continued it’s the total sales of its home video systems hit $415 million by the year 1980. Bushnell was still the Atari President. During that year Atari’s first PC was launched. Atari ended up splitting its computer and gaming businesses into two divisions. The company’s consoles and games remained the cash cows of the company even though it launched multiple PCs.

The video game crash of 1983 is historic and resulted in the industry struggling until Nintendo launched its NES about a decade later. There are various factors that are blamed for the crash, but ironically Atari’s titles “Pac-Man” and “E.T.” have received much of the blame. They included issues such as flickering ghosts and square “pellets” that the game’s protagonist ate.

“Pac-Man” was based on the hit arcade game, while “E.T.” was based on the blockbuster movie directed by Steven Spielberg. “Pac-Man” ironically went on to become the all-time best-selling Atari game at 7 million units, although about two times that number was produced. The game was criticized for various reasons including its design and gameplay. 

“E.T.” was rushed and designed in a little over half a year. Atari wanted to cash in on the popularity of the movie and release the game in time for the holiday shopping season. The game went on to sell about 1.5 million units but was greatly criticized for its design and gameplay. In fact, some industry experts have ranked it as the all-time worst video game in history.


The game was also included in an urban legend that tons of “E.T.” cartridges were buried following the 1983 gaming crash. A few years ago the games were unearthed to verify that it was indeed fact. It’s debatable whether or not the game was the main cause of the 1983 gaming crash but it could easily be argued it affected the decline in sales of games and consoles during the next few years.

Warner’s console division experienced major losses in 1983 that totaled over half a billion dollars, or $533 million. The company decided to sell the company to an ex-CEO of Commodore, which became known for its PCs. Jack Tramiel launched the Atari St home computer. Its sales weren’t great butreached $25 million during 1986.

In the early 1990s, Atari found itself in a legal battle with Nintendo, which manufactured the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and later the Super NES. Atari lost an anti-trust lawsuit vs. Nintendo in 1992. Atari released the Jaguar gaming system that year. It was definitely an innovative system but it had a price tag that was twice the price of Nintendo’s NES.

The Atari 2600 console was definitely a game-changer in the gaming industry. However, the company was struggling by the 1990s. Sega invested $40 million in Atari in 1994 and received all of the company’s patent rights.

Atari got a reboot in 1996 as Atari I Interactive but failed to bring back the popularity of its glory years. JTS went on to sell Atari’s intellectual property in 1998 to Hasbro. The toy company bought the troubled company for $5 million. In exchange, it received all of the company’s copyrights, patents, and trademarks.

Atari is owned today by Atari Interactive, which is owned by the parent company Atari SA. In 2001 Atari SA announced it would “reinvent” the old Atari brand by launching 3 brand new games. The target market of the new games was gamers aged 18-34 years old. The company experienced various changes over the next years as its umbrella company took different steps in an attempt to revive the company.

The company’s three Atari divisions emerged from bankruptcy in 2014. It joined the social casino gaming industry via Atari Casino. A few years ago in 2014 Atari announced its new business plan. It would focus on new “audiences” They included real-money gambling, social casinos, and YouTube. The company is still trying to revive its years during the Golden Age of arcade video games.

It’s unknown what Atari’s future will be. However, it clearly was one of the most important companies in the video game industry’s early years. In fact, today many gamers enjoy old-school titles through emulators that recreate the experience of playing Atari games, and sometimes even the experience of playing them in arcades of the 1970s/1980s.


A Look at Composite Decking as a Great Choice for a New Deck

It is important you are aware of the fact homeowners select composite as their choice of material for the renovation of their deck or a new deck. If you intend on refurbishing a deck that was crafted from lumber, it is important that you select a material(s) that is low maintenance and one that is environmentally friendly. There have been so many people dropping questions on different message boards, and one of the most frequently asked questions is – What is a Composite decking all about? In plain terms, this is when wood fiber and plastic are combined and used in creating planks. The final product of composite decking UK is that the combined materials being both wood fiber and plastic, offer longer shelf life, which is quite impressive compared to wood decking. You have the capacity of choosing from different materials, and some of the frequently used materials for decking include composite, aluminum and treated lumber.

If you are in need of a deck material that is family friendly, in the sense that it is safe for the bare feet of the adults and the kids, then one option that you need to put the spotlight on is composites. It is important you are aware of the fact that Splintering is not an issue with having composite decking; this is actually because of the planks smooth surface. Many composites employed for decks are crafted from materials that are recycled. This is an important fact that contributes to the green earth initiative.

The changeable and harsh weather are among the challenges that majority of the homeowners face when it comes down to keeping the veracity of the outdoor appearance of their home including the decks. Nonetheless, composite decking provides you with improved resistance against the elements of nature, longer lifespan, and cheap maintenance cost. Composite decking required that it is cleaned and maintained occasionally, thus saving you energy, money and time.

It is important you are aware of the fact that there are two major types of composite decking that you can make a choice from when you intend on making a deck. If perchance you want the look and the feel of real wood, it is recommended that you look out for the solid type of wood, owing to the large mass that comes with a solid decking. This means that you should be prepared to find many expansions and contractions of the product, whenever you observe that there is a change in the weather. It is without a doubt that the other option is more artificial. Dissimilar to solid decking, you will find that the hollow type does not react much with the modification in the weather owing to the fact that there is a reduced amount of mass in each of the planks. You are bound to encounter more risk of incurring damage while installing the deck, owing to the fact that the hollow decking is a lot dense. This is one of the reasons why much care and attention should be dedicated during the installation of the hollow decking

At this point, there is no doubt that all types of composite decking require some form of treatment. However, this type of decking is obviously the combination of plastic and wood fibers, and if not treated or if maintenance measures are not taken, decaying is inevitable.

Native American Rug: Rare Piece of American History

Do you have a special Navajo rug that was passed down to you? Did you encounter any genuine Native American rug but were not sure if it was the genuine one? Are you looking out for places that are in the business of repairing and cleaning specialty rugs?

It is important you are aware of the fact that Traditional Navajo has now become very much renowned in the last couple of years thus leading to it available at a costly price. It is without a doubt that the Navajo’s are not put up for sale on a per sq. ft. basis, however, they can go upwards for about$200na sq. ft. most especially for specialty pieces. These rugs are one of the most sought after by collectors and they are prized oi the high side by many people globally. You can find them manufactured these days, but the majority of the ones that you find in private collections and museums are antiques from 1980’s to the early 1940’s. Navajos are a type of rug that is flat woven; they are composed of wool yarn on wool or cotton foundation. The designs are quite difficult but they are easy. In their own personal way, the patterns are complex though they look simple.

Over the years, Navajo has a never history that dates back to the early 1800s. They are identified and popular for their choice of materials and the artistry.

One of the defining features of a room can be an area, with this in mind, It is important that the selection is done with care. The rug that you end up choosing will assist in setting the overall feel and the tone of the space and will end up being the factor that ties in all of the different components of the décor. If you have a large area that you will love to make use of, ensure that it is divided into more than one area of use. Rugs can bring these spaces together as a harmonious whole or can be used to further to give a definition to the different regions of the room in order to give the feel of separate living areas.

Basic Tips for Choosing Area Rugs

When choosing an area rug, it is important you are aware of the fact that size matters. In fact, one of the most important aspects to consider is the size. While style, color, and design are one of the vital factors in achieving the overall desired look, the size of the rug tends to determine if the rug looks like it was haphazardly tossed on the floor without much thought or it belongs in the room

Room-Size Rugs

When you are caught up in the activity of choosing room-size rugs, a rule of thumb is that you measured to measure the room and ensure that there will be about 19 to 23 inches of space right between the rug and on each side or the wall. This will assist you in achieving a composed look that is not jam-packed or overbearing. If you intend on using the rug as a means to cover a hardwood floor, this also allows you to display some of the sheen and beauty of the base flooring of the beauty and sheen of the base flooring. In order to add a touch of elegance to the room by providing your guests with a glimpse of the wood around the borders of the space.

Copper Chef Reviews: Examining the Cost of Copper Chef

Copper Chef Pans by the culinary expert and world-famous chef, Eric Theiss, is one of the most sought-after kitchenware on the market right now. Copper chef pans employ Copper’s heat resistant property alongside their cerami-tech technology that makes their pans non-sticky and heat resistant. This feature is what is getting many people to talk about various copper chef reviews on different forums and question boards on the internet.

Copper Chef is said to be able to go from the stovetop to the oven to the table square and it is a copper-colored pan which. It features a square, deep design, which supposedly provides its users more flexibility than the basic or standard sized pans, along with the capacity to accommodate more food than the others dishes of a comparable size. This is the ideal product for family-oriented cooking

Most times, you will occasionally see the product being called “Copper Chef” while other times, without doubt, you will see it is being called the Copper Chef Pan or perhaps Copper Chef Square Pan. Both words can be used interchangeably, even though it seems that other products in the Copper Chef brand will be upcoming, which implies that the word “pan” may soon be in need of the word required when describing this product in question.

It is important you are aware of the fact that Copper Chef cookware is not just stylish; it is still a great option to opt for when you are in need of a cookware to help your cooking. Modern cooking has some features that need to be carefully understood, among which include not using too much butter or oil for cooking. Therefore, at this point, you will require a pan that guarantees you non-sticky features. There are pans on the market that will help increase the time that it takes you to cook and copper chef pan promises to provide with fast cooking time compared to other products in the market. Owing to the fact that the Copper chef pans are ceramic coated, they can help you cook food fast. Majority of the pans are available in different shapes and sizes, thus allowing you to choose one according to the food item that you want to cook.

Therefore, when you are being offered many choices for copper chef pan in the market, there is a  high chance that at some point you will find yourself confused about which of the models or style to settle with. In order to have the best understanding of which will be best for your cooking, it is important that you consider some benefits of the different cookware available. Thus, just so that things are easier for you and in order to ensure that the right decision is made on which pan will meet your requirements and feel perfect in your kitchen below are some reviews on the copper chef cookware. You should carefully go through all the features and see how well they will suit your needs, as that will help you in making the final decision on the copper chef pan to buy.

With the Copper Chef Round Pan, you will find that cooking is nothing but fun. With the help of the copper chef round pan you can do virtually anything when cooking, be it grilling, frying, roasting, or baking! It is advised that you take out time to find out more about its numerous attributes as that will help you when making a decision as to why it has to be your favorite companion in the kitchen.

Tips on Importing from China to UK Successfully

Take out time to give a close look at the rate that China is developing, it seems like their operations and factories are working in a nonstop manner. It is without a doubt that we all fid china appealing, this is not because it is one of the fastest and largest growing superpowers globally, but actually, because they are responsible for some of the excellent things that we desire these days. The Chinese are not popular or perhaps renowned just because they are great at manufacturing, but they are also particularly cost-effective, which is most definitely why many of us spend so little on something that offers much value. The cheap costs of importing from China to UK is among the reasons why the products that are manufactured in China are ideal to be acquired in wholesale, solely for import purposes.

There are guidelines and tips that you are required to follow, among which include choosing some product categories that do not seem too broad. If you make a choice of a narrow product category, you will discover that it will be easier for you to get quotations and the same time find it easy to trace the distributors. In addition, you will find it easy to sell the product purchased in bulk personally. The minute that the product is finalized, you will have to locate the international trace code and properly document this information. It is important you are aware of the fact that the international trace codes are uniform globally.

It is important you are aware of the fact that Importing from China involves certain factor that should be considered, the first factor to be considered is to have knowledge of the terms and conditions of the supplier. It is important that all the products that you will be supplied maintain quality standards in order to avoid admonition from the international buyers.

You have most definitely been thinking about it, and surprisingly other small business owners have been doing the same. Right after you see the Made in China label on most of the things that you buy, would it not just make more sense to head on to the direct source and buy your merchandise in China to maximize your profit margins? The answer to the question is yes, but it is necessary to do it just because it is profitable.

It is recommended that the buyers invest time into a thorough research before they begin importing from China owing to the fact that the Chinese industry is large and there are many options available in the market to have products on cheap prices. In other to gain an optimized result, it is advised that you go for customizing your products to have the best quality that goes along with your needs. People can look into innumerable products offered by China because of the availing technology through the internet and they can buy from Alibaba.com, which is the predominant trading channel for Made in China products. Many people prefer they meet with the manufacturer personally, just so that they can have a clear view of the various products they offer.

People are very much willing to invest money into in importing from China different products like bags, electronic appliances, stationery and other home gadgets for affordable prices in order to make a large profit margin. It is important you are aware of the fact that China as a nation has a large workforce and cheap labor and they are working on sustaining their financial economy that is currently healthy in order to have large quantities imported.

All You Need to Know About Undersink Water Heaters

People mostly mistake tankless water heater with under sink heaters employed for making the water warm. The work of the latter is just to give water to the individual handling the sink. There are innumerable situations where warm water is needed when cooking food or otherwise washing utensils. There is a review of one of the most appropriate under sink water heaters on the Prime Heaters website.

Every and each time you put your hand in cold water, you find it hard to control your movements and then regain the sensation in your hand. When you’re alternatively making use of your hand for washing utensils with cold water and cooking food around the flame, the variation in temperature could lead to havoc with your hand’s softness.

In such a situation, slightly tepid or warm water will go a long way in making the process to be comfortable. Washing utensils happen to be a mechanical task. But, cooking isn’t a mechanical task.

You can’t afford to have an inflexible and frigid hand when you’re cooking food. This is one of the most evident benefits associated with selecting a water heater under the sink. Definitely, the difference between a water placed under the sink or a tankless heater continues to remain. It’s a possibility for both heaters to be the same.

An under sink water heater is a water tank that collects water and keeps it warm through an electrical resistance. It is usually hung on a wall and its capacity is very variable. There are from 15 to 200 litters.

The water inside the tank is at the temperature you want to mark on the thermostat. When we open the shower tap that water comes out and is replaced by cold incoming water that will be heated. A thermos that empties completely needs an average of about 3 hours to re-heat the new water that has been entering.

How do these water heaters work?

When the water inside the electric water heater is at the temperature we have previously marked, the electrical resistance goes out. When the water temperature drops, the thermostat starts again the heating process until reaching the desired degrees again.

The pipe system that goes from the under sink water heater to the faucets will keep the water at room temperature, and it will be the one we discard at the time of taking a shower until the hot one arrives. That is why it is recommended that this system be as short as possible placing the thermos as close as possible to the place where we are going to make use of that hot water.

How do you buy the right under sink water heater?

The first thing to know if you will need it is to be aware of the use you will have of hot water throughout a day. We are going to remember some basic data so that you can get an idea about the average consumption in a household:

The average hot water consumption per person per day is 30 litters.

In a shower, the average consumption is 30 litters, more if it is to fill the bathtub. In washing the dishes about 3 litters, while to wash our face and hands 5 litters on average throughout a day.

The average time it can take an electric thermos that has been completely emptied until the new incoming water is heated is about 2 or 3 hours, depending on the model and capacity.

To these data, we should add the fact of knowing the use we are going to give the hot water. It is not the same a more extensive use during a day in which, for example, in a house with 3 people one takes a shower in the morning, another in the afternoon and another at night. Here the electric water heater would be a great option given that hot water would always be available.

If the use is punctual and very concentrated at a time of day, for example, that those 3 people shower one after another just get up every morning, in this case, the thermos would be empty and there would be someone who would have to shower with water cold.


Under sink water heaters can be a good choice for anyone that wants a reliable and cost-effective way to heat up water while showering or bathing. And since you can place it underneath the sink, it can also save you a lot of space in your bathroom as well!

Tips for Getting the Best Car Spares for Your Car

Your car happens to be one of the best and most costly investments you possess and you want to take care of it as much as you can. However, as a result of long drives and everyday use, there would be instances where it’s not well-maintained and appear to be out of synch. Repairing cars could be like a visit to your doctor where mechanics assess, examine and fix the car’s issue and others even request for car parts replacement particularly if the damage seems worse. Whatever the situation might be you have to get someone that’s good in repairing cars or car parts services such as www.247spares.co.uk that are truthful and don’t think of the profit they could get alone when they examine your car.

How to look for a good auto mechanic?

Although mechanics are always keen to exhibit their knowledge of car parts services or repairing services, there are still some people who don’t trust the mechanic they are dealing with. It’s very important to look for someone that’s good in car parts services and repairing cars so that your money won’t go to waste each time you go to their garage.

It is common that at the beginning of the year needs arise, such as changing the spare parts of your car, so if you are a preventive driver and you keep an eye on what happens with the vehicle in which you or your family are transported every day, pay attention to this article, so that you avoid inconveniences when buying spare parts.

What’s the importance? Everything, be it for the damage of the pieces or for their normal wear and tear over time, as well as for a theft or simply because after an accident there was significant damage, hundreds of drivers are forced to buy spare parts.

Learn to “listen” to your car

Do you usually pay attention to everything that happens with your car? It is important that you do it, that way you can identify if when you drive, you hear or feel strange noises, different from what your car normally emits. If so, it is a sign that something is wrong and it is advisable to go to a specialized service centre, where the experts will help you find the best solution.

Mileage reviews

It is the best option to find faults in the parts and systems of the car, and change them before the damage is greater, and therefore, more expensive. What we recommend is that if the spare you got is used, check your warranty, and if possible, try it for a few days to see that it suits your car.

Not all that glitters is gold

It is true that in the market you can find from a light bulb for your directional lights to an engine, but be careful because for lack of knowledge or in order to save money, you could buy spare parts that instead of contributing to the precaution and safety required to have a particular vehicle, what they do is increase the risks of experiencing mechanical failures with negative results for you and yours.

Information and spare parts 100% reliable

Keep in mind that when it comes to solving any failure of your car, no questions are left, because the idea is that not only pay for the arrangement but understand well why the damage was generated and what will be the best way to prevent it from there on. Do not be afraid to ask the questions you see necessary: ​​what is the spare part, how it works, how it is cared for, what it is used for, and of course, how much it is worth. Remember that the fundamental thing is to make sure that the pieces comply with optimal quality conditions, so the price, in this case, goes into the background!

And if you want to save money on buying spare parts for your car, then you should simply shop for those automobile products on the internet. There are a lot of different websites where you will be able to get car accessories and spare parts for a much cheaper price. You can get both quality and savings if you choose to purchase car spare parts through the internet.

Regrow Lost Hair Naturally With These Essential Tips

There are a lot of factors that could contribute to hair loss. These factors include hair care routines, stress, lifestyle habits, stress, and genetics. This explains why thinning hair is such a popular issue for women as well as men. While you cannot alter your genes, there a lot of things you could do to put a stop to the thinning of hair and regrow lost hair naturally. This article will provide some effective, efficient and simple hair growth tips to eliminate hair loss and prevent baldness.

Do not overlook the power of nutrition as far as hair growth is concerned. A lack of nutrients and vitamins is one of the most popular causes of thinning hair for both women and men.

Your hair could really stop growing if you don’t get adequate vitamin B. An unhealthy diet would prompt your body to go into a survival mode meaning that the limited supply of nutrients will be employed to aid the bodily functions that will keep you alive. Other less important functions, such as growing hair, will cease.

Consuming healthy foods is essential but you have to also ensure that the nutrients and vitamins you eat can get to your roots to supplement your strands. One way to do this is to rub your scalp on a daily basis.

Getting a long hair, while healthy and strong, is something that requires time and patience. But there are methods and tricks that allow accelerating hair growth. The key is to stimulate blood circulation and correct feeding of the hair follicles of the scalp. You can use natural products and methods to regrow your hair.

What are some natural products to use for hair regrowth?

When you want to regrow your lost hair, then there are certainly some natural alternatives that you can use, instead of those harsh chemical products.

Aloe vera and potato

The key is soaking. In the case of the first, you can cut the aloe stalk, extract the juice, split the plant into pieces and leave them in water overnight. That same liquid is applied to the hair a couple of times a week. In the case of potatoes, after putting them to boil, you can take advantage of the water to rinse the hair after washing it. It can also be done a couple of times a week.


An egg is a source of protein, essential for the development of life and, consequently, hair growth. Using your clearings can be very useful to stimulate the development of hair follicles. Eggs are split, the yolks are removed and the whites are beaten; the resulting mask is applied by extending the hair and let it rest for about 30 minutes. Next, the hair is washed normally.

Olive oil

This kind of oil is packed with vitamins; olive oil is an excellent antioxidant with regenerative properties of hair. For example, it has collagen, which helps the hair to be thinner. Olive oil helps the hair to be less dry, as well as brighter. Nourishes and repairs the scalp. Olive oil is used as an effective mask with damp hair, but its most frequent use is that done by applying it to the hair and extending it, with a gentle massage, from the roots to the tips.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary has been proven as a medicinal herb for the health and growth of any type of hair. For this, it is necessary to prepare in a container a mixture of a couple of tablespoons of dried rosemary and a half litter of olive oil. It is heated in the microwave for approximately 30 minutes. Afterwards, it is left to cool and to rest for two or three days. The mixture is applied to the hair, performing a massage from the root to the tips.

What are some hair regrowth methods?

There are also a number of methods that, used on a daily basis, contribute to the natural growth of hair. For example, brush, but not excessively. Doing it a couple of times in the morning and another two at night, before going to bed, can be very helpful. However, do not do it when you get out of the shower or the hair is still wet.

Also, it is good to let the hair dry naturally, avoiding using the dryer. In this way, it prevents the dreaded split ends from appearing in the hair, one of the biggest enemies in hair growth and care. On the other hand, it is recommended to trim the tips with a certain frequency, in addition to using a good conditioner.

How to Choose the Best Stress Relief Toys

Stress balls are considered as one of the stress relief toys that have been in existence for an extended period and an acceptable means of relaxation. They are designed with some variety of foam or rubber; these balls are filled with different materials like water, gel, powder, or air. They are easy to handle and squeezed while relaxing or feeling stressed. These Windsor Smith’s balls are considered to be an excellent tool for leaders to pass out to their subordinates for their comfort, reduction of stress and relaxation. In the end, you get what you want because the toy will help relieve your body. However, you are advised to select your stress relief toy based on your needs and interests for a positive change and healthy lifestyle.

In past times, these products are available in ball-shaped form, but nowadays, they come in different varieties of designs and forms. From stress aliens to stress animals you can choose from the various shapes and designs available.

However, one major factor that you must take into consideration is that you must avoid using stress relief desktop toys that people may find unpleasant. Asides being tasteless these might get you into a bit of discomfort and increase your worker’s stress level. As an employer or manager, you must ensure that your workers work in the best condition and some of the incentives that you can provide to assist them in their day-to-day activities are the Stress Relief Toys.

The anti-stress balls, besides being a good promotional item, are an excellent tool to relieve stress, would you like to know more?

Many specialists have agreed that stress is the main health problem in the world due to the damage that can cause the body, for this reason, an anti-stress ball is a perfect tool to combat stress, besides that it is small enough as to fit in the palm of the hand and tighten it to reduce muscular and emotional tension, this is what most doctors say, for stress, anxiety, and depression. And if that were not enough, its size allows you to transport them easily and use them at any time.

What are anti-stress balls?

Anti-stress balls are malleable objects that look like toys and are often made in fun, brightly collared shapes, such as balloons, hearts and even as clips.

These balls are often made from a special type of rubber foam called closed cell polyurethane foam, according to the Windsor Smith squishy toy website, where you can purchase anti-stress toys. This foam is placed in molds and injected with a liquid that forms small bubbles of carbon dioxide. The bubbles give the ball of tension a soft texture that is satisfactory to squeeze with the hand.

These small balls to eliminate stress are often given as a promotional item with the corporate logo.

How can anti-stress balls help me?

According to most experts, the action of squeezing an anti-stress ball distracts the mind from tension, gives an outlet for physical energy and can relieve the pain of repetitive movements such as writing on the computer.

By pressing a stress ball, tension is created in the muscles. When the grip is released, the muscles relax.

Anti-stress balls are effective because they create a state of calm, a little meditation, focusing the brain’s attention on an activity. When we are stressed and played with the anti-stress ball a “mental break” is created that can also physically release part of the energy. Anti-stress balls are useful because they provide an instant and economical way to deal with mild stress.

Additional benefits

The anti-stress balls also provide resistance to the fingers and therefore are a simple effective exercise for the hands. People with arthritis or muscle weakness can benefit from hand strengthening exercises.

Stress balls can be used for a variety of other problems is one of improvement of general health.

Stress and anxiety are very common problems in today’s society. That’s why we are talking today about a method to disconnect and relax: the anti-stress ball. These kinds of squishy toys have been used for a long time to help people with attention problems, health issues, and other kinds of things. And there is a lot of research that backs these claims.

It is advisable to use it both before and after a stressful situation or always carry it with you if you know that you will go through stressful situations. The operation is very simple: press with your fingers until you feel relief.

Gucci Handbag Sale: How to Identify Authentic Gucci Bags

If you are looking to buy Gucci via the numerous online stores like eBay offering Gucci handbag sale, you must take some factors into consideration and ensure that it is incorporated with some features like detailed pictures of the GG logo, the whole parts of the zipper, and it must come with the tab imprinted with the serial #, and Gucci Engraving must be beneath the zipper pocket. If these features are not available, then ask!

If you are chanced to visit a high-end department store, you will see the complete form of a genuine handbag and get yourself acquainted with it. If you have a smartphone, you are advised to take a picture and compare the genuine product with the handbags sold online. I am not sure if you are authorized to do that, so be careful.

You can also check the Gucci Website and look through the details carefully. What you should look out for is if the Gucci name is imprinted on the handbags. Ensure that the Gucci Script logo does not look forged or copied.

Signs depicting a Fake Gucci Handbag, Purse or Wallet

Stitching looks uneven on the edges of the handbag or the leather. Another feature is that Gucci Handbags are not wrapped in the plastic. You are advised to peruse through the details carefully, especially the hardware, the font and logo, and the stitching. Other things to look out for include the font size on the leather, lining and on the tag.

Pick the right handbag for the occasion:

When you have chosen the right shape, size, and colour, it is also important to see what you are going to use the bag for. For everyday use, the material of your handbag does not matter much. Leather and suede are durable materials that generally last a long time. And these materials also suit the chic parties and cocktail parties. Only adjust the size of your bag accordingly. If a large handbag is nice to your physique, but you have a formal party where you will appear in a long dress or cocktail dress that does not fit together.

Decide on a bag

First, you have to decide what bag you want. We have all the different styles, body types, and lifestyles, what suits someone else may not suit you. Once you have decided what bag you want to buy, you must also be completely confident that it is a bag that suits you and your lifestyle so that you will not regret it. An impulse purchase is nothing to do when it comes to expensive designer bags.

Select model

Choose a classic model that you can use today and 10 years ahead, do not choose a model that is the season’s news. Do not go after the year’s “it” bag for each year is still different, which is super trendy and today may not be as popular in 6 months or 2 years. Bet on a classic how boring it sounds.  Each fashion house has its classic models that, despite years of age, are still the same today as 20 years ago! An example is my Louis Vuitton Never full, which has existed since 2007, it’s 10 years and yet it’s as popular today as then. Another thing to consider is the colour of the bag. Go for a colour that fits everything and you can combine with different outfits.


Just like when planning a trip or buying a new computer, it is important to read reviews and find as much information as you can about the bag you are buying. Gather as much information as possible. Check out bloggers and YouTubers, is it a famous model you are looking for, you will find lots of information about it. Do not be fooled by beautiful Instagram and we heart it pictures, watch videos as well. Videos show so much more than one picture. Not to mention how images in many cases can be incredibly misleading. If you have the option, it’s a great advantage to have seen and felt on the “live” bag before you buy it. So you’re close to the shop go there and watch.

Do not stress!

If it’s a bag that you’ve been thinking about this year and you’re still not after 1 year, let’s say you’re pretty sure. But if for some reason you still hesitate, even if it’s just a bit, I think you’ll have to wait. Never stress a purchase and never buy a bag that you are not really sure about. When you buy your bag you should be 110% safe and satisfied.

All the chinesse ingredients you need

Chinese food may sometimes seem to have an irreversibly long ingredient list. In addition, if you want to cook several dishes, you may feel like buying a home. But usually the ingredients go back to the different recipes, and many of them last in the refrigerator for a long time. And I mean really long. A couple of years. If you buy a rich base of ingredients, you can cook a considerable amount of dishes.

Here is a list of things that I always have at home in refrigerators and pantries. Some are available in regular food stores, but you can buy the original ones directly from China. Read more about importing from China here.

Dry Goods

  • Black fermented beans.  The can last for infinity.
  • Dried chili
  • Sichiuan pepper
  • Dried mushrooms
  • Five spices (a Chinese spice mix with star anise, fennel, cinnamon, carnation, sichuan pepper)
  • Jasmine rice
  • Wheat Noodles

Sauces and tubes

  • Light Chinese Soya of High Quality
  • Dark Chinese Soya of high quality
  • Black rice vinegar
  • Rice wine (you can often use sake, it also stays very long time in the fridge)
  • Chili sauce
  • Chili sprouts (finely chopped dried chili in oil, amazingly good in soup or rice)
  • peanut oil
  • Sesame oil

In the freezer

  • Wonton dough sheets

In the fridge

  • Ginger, ginger and ginger
  • Garlic
  • Chili

Yap, that’s all. Add some pork, chicken, coriander and some leafy vegetables, and you can cook everything. (OK, maybe not everything, but still.)

If you want to read more about importing from china here you should consider some of these top ingredients for Chinese food:

  1. Chinese mushrooms

You can find these both fresh and dried. They even have a stronger flavor than shitake mushrooms. If you want to add some meaty flavor to Chinese dishes then this is the ingredient to add.

When you soak dried mushrooms you can even  add the soaking liquid to soups and sauces. You can find this ingredient in various Asian markets and stores. Mushrooms are technically fungi but that shouldn’t prevent you from adding them to your dishes. :They’re not only full of flavor but also are full of vitamins and minerals to benefit your health.

  1. Chili sauce

If you want to spice up your life this is one of the best ingredients to add. You can add a little or a lot of chili sauce to your Chinese dishes. It can help to add some extra zing to dishes that are already super-tasty. When picking a sauce you can also pick between mild, medium, and spicy, which adds more flexibility to your cooking.

  1. Rice Vinegar

This is vinegar that’s less mild and acidic than US vinegars. Rice vinegars are used for things like stir fries and dipping sauces.

  1. Black Beans

You can find various versions like fermented black beans. When you shop for the beans look for ones that are flavored with tangerine peel and ginger. When you make black bean sauce you’ll just need a tablespoon of these ingredients when making your own black bean sauce. The sauce is full of flavor and can help to add some zing to just about any Chinese dish. Make sure to consider fermented black beans to get the most flavor from the beans.

  1. Hoisin Sauce

This is a condiment that has a flavor that’s a little sweet and smoky. It’s an excellent option for spare ribs and stir fries. Many fans of Chinese food are more familiar with soy sauce. However, this is another excellent option for various types of dishes. The key is to consider the types of dishes you’re preparing.

  1. Soy Sauce

You can find various types of soy sauce for Chinese cooking. One of the best options is dark soy sauce since it’s a little sweeter than other varieties. It’s a great option for stir-fries and braises. Another benefit is if you’re looking for less salty soy sauce this is a good option. There’s many soy products on the market today and they’re often used as a substitute for milk.

  1. Ginger

Here’s one of the most important and common herbs used in Chinese cooking. The great thing about ginger is it can add some pep while also tenderizing meat. Yet another benefit of ginger is it can help to reduce gamey taste and fishy odor. This will help to provide a better experience for your diners. When picking ginger make sure it has a thin smooth skin and is heavy. This will help you make the best choice.

I am a web designer

When people ask me what I’m doing, I usually respond: I’m a Kassel Webdesigner. I can safely say that every person I say this has very different thoughts about what my work consists of. For those who do not know, I would like to clarify a few things, because there are very many misconceptions. What does a web designer do?

A website must be aesthetically appealing to have the smallest chance of competing with all existing websites out there. However, this does not mean that a website will imitate art, because a web designer must take into account that a website is something to use.

Therefore, a web designer should make a website useful, functional and user-friendly. These three factors are the most important in the design of a web site .

Provide advice and guidance

Different projects look different and a website’s design should be done with regard to the target group and purpose. Therefore, it is important that a web designer finds out what the customer wants with the page and why. It is also important to know who the website should turn to, in order to analyze who is the target audience and thus the user.

The web designer gives advice and guidance until the customer says: OK – Run! Each work process differs, but the best result is achieved in this way.

Here are some of the key features to look for in a Kassel Webdesigner:

  1. Communication

The communication skills of a web developer can be even more important than the result themselves. It’s important to have effective communication with the developer about various issues related to your site. This will make it easier to exchange info with the developer about what you like about the work in progress and what should be changed. If the developer has good communication skills it can help to off-set other issues that might normally be considered weaknesses.

  1. Updates

It’s important for a web developer to have the know-how and experience to tweak your website after launch. It’s a bad sign when you’re 100% happy with your site at launch. A good web developer will have the ability to provide updates to keep improving your site. This is critical to make sure you’re constantly in the process of improving the form and function of the site. The process of web design is on-going so it’s critical to pick the right developer to make the necessary changes in the future.

  1. Outsourcing

It’s a good option until you’re ready to do long-term web maintenance. In fact, in many situations it can be much more cost-effective to outsource your web design/development instead of doing it in-house. The key is to do your homework then make the best decision. It’s certainly worth the time and effort in order to get the best results.

  1. Offerings

Make sure your company isn’t focusing too much on the website that you forget about the products/services you’re offering. In some cases there’s nothing wrong with the website but the issue is with your company’s products/services. Make sure to do some research to figure out which one is the problem if you’re having issues with low traffic or sales. The problem could be what you’re selling instead where you’re selling it.

  1. Feedback

It’s important to check out a developer’s portfolio. However, it’s quite possible their past work was exaggerated. So it’s important to contact past customers whenever possible. This will help to give you a better picture of the actual work the developer did. For example, you can learn details about the pros and cons they provide.

  1. Elements

Make sure to focus on features that are competitive elements. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel for non-competitive elements. If they were critical they wouldn’t be non-competitive. Make sure to focus on the essential elements since they’re the ones that can help set your company apart from the competition. You should certainly focus on the overall quality of the site. However, it’s just as important to know what to focus on.

  1. Code

More specifically it’s important the developer understand your company owns any code the developer writes. This is an important intellectual property (IP) issue since it could affect issues like the security of your company’s data.

  1. Personalization/Customization

Make sure the developer isn’t just interested in offering you everything but the kitchen sink for your site. Which features does your site need? This is a better approach to take then adding every single website feature the developer can offer. It’s also important for the website to be customized for issues like your target market.

Tips for Choosing the Right Telecommunication Cables

In addition to fiber mode, outdoor/indoor application s and tubing type, it is important one is aware of some of the other specifications when choosing telecommunication cables – cladding/core size, LAN/WAN applications, and the number of optical fibers required.

When you want to purchase optic fiber cable, it is vital that one have the size of the fiber stand required specified. This is actually specified by the cladding size ratio/core size ratio.

Right after the fiber strand size is chosen, it is important that the number of fibers that are required in a single cable be defined. This depends on the application because the design might require two or more fibers and this may be packed all in a single package.

The variations in the amounts of cables are:

Simplex cable – The simplex cable has just one optic fiber strand. An example of how the structure of this particular kind of cable is explained here.

Duplex cables – the duplex cables accommodate two buffered optical fibers in just one jacket. The cable is employed for LAN backbone use since this use requires two fibers – two fibers for the reception and transmission. It is quite convenient that have two simplex cables pulled. It is important you take note of the fact that cables should be present inside a single jacket.

Multifiber – the multifiber contains 2 or more fibers all in a single jacket. The number of fibers could be in hundreds; nonetheless, it is observed that the fibers are always in even numbers, owing to the fact that most applications need one fiber for the reception and the other for the transmission.

With the arrival of fiber optic connections and the high speeds offered by these, the best we can do to make the most of them is to connect our devices directly by network cable to the router, since the other ways to connect to it, For example, Wi-Fi, except under very specific conditions when using high-end devices will not be able to offer us even half the speed we really have.

Although we connect by network cable, not all cables are the same, so to avoid problems we will explain the main differences between the most used cables and, above all, help you choose which network cable is best suited to your connection to the internet.

When choosing the best network cable for our Internet connection we must choose between different categories, however, we may not know the differences between them beyond the name.

The category of a network cable allows us to know the minimum speed that we will obtain with it when using it in distances less than 100 meters. There are cables from category 1 to category 7a, however, the best known and used, especially in domestic environments, are categories 5, 5e, 6 and 6a.

Although it is possible that in practice we can obtain something more (at least in very short distances), in a maximum distance of 100 meters, the speed guaranteed by the network cables according to their category are, for example, Category 5 – 100Mbps.

In short distances within a floor, this category serves us perfectly, however, if we are going to cover a distance greater than 50 meters or to use the cable outdoors or in places with a lot of interference (for example, inside outlets), the The best option is to opt for a Category 6 cable, which will ensure that we can take advantage of 100% of our connection and, above all, our local network.

In short distances within a floor, this category serves us perfectly, however, if we are going to cover a distance greater than 50 meters or to use the cable outdoors or in places with a lot of interference.

In addition to the category, the cables have physical properties such as the thickness of the wires, if they are twisted or have an aluminum screen to reduce inter-couple and electromagnetic interference from the outside.
The wires of the network cables are usually twisted in pairs in order to minimize interferences between them and between the external cables.

The higher and more frequent the braid, the lower the interference and better results will be given by the network cable, especially over long distances or in environments with electromagnetic noise (electrical installations, for example).

Normal cables do not usually have any type of shielding or metallic coating, however, if you look at the high-quality cables, we will find several different types of shielding, for example, UTP: Does not include any screen.
This shielding is essential whenever we are going to use the cable on the outside or if we are going to, for example, use the cable on the outside or if we are going to put it next to the electric cables since we will avoid interference in the data transfer.

Visa Policy of Vietnam: Tips for Procurement of Visas

Not until 30 June 2018, the United Kingdom passport holders will not require a Visa if they want to visit Vietnam and stay for about 2 weeks, this is legally stated according to the Visa policy of Vietnam. At the customs department or checkpoint, all that is required is that you show then your return ticket or perhaps e-ticket as a proof of your departure date. On the other hand, if you will be exiting Vietnam through the land border then the itinerary will be recognized as a proof, so it is very important that you have this to show the border officials if it is requested for at any point in time. On the other hand, United Kingdom passport holders will require a Vietnamese Visa if they intend on staying in Vietnam for over 15 days or perhaps if they will be traveling to Vietnam after 30 June 2018. In addition, if you plan on returning to Vietnam inside 30 days of your last departure, it is necessary that you have with you a Vietnamese Visa.

Other nationalities including South African, Canadian, Australian, USA, and New Zealand passport holders will require having a tourist visa if they want to visit Vietnam. The travelers can decide to either apply independently for a 30-day tourist visa (multiple or single entry Visa) from the Vietnamese consulate or embassy of they can opt for the more convenient means of application, it being the online means. it cost about $20 and right after submitting your application you will be given a confirmation number. When you arrive at Vietnam you will be given the actual Visa and you are required to pay an additional fee which is referred to as the standing fee, it cost $45.

Visa Policy of Vietnam: Tips for Procurement of Visas

There is one thing that you noticed about applying for the visa policy for Vietnam, whether this is through your Vietnam consulate/embassy or online. It is the Visa on Arrival. Many visitors of Vietnam procure this VOA, which is an alternative option for them to get visa upon their arrival in Vietnam. Not all airports in Vietnam offer this alternative. The only ones that honour VOA are the international airports located at:

  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Nha Trang airport
  • Da Nang City
  • Hanoi

The VOA is a legit alternative in acquiring the full visa stamp by the Vietnamese Consulate or Embassy. This is a very simple and even cheaper way to get a Vietnamese visa at your consulate or embassy. Once the VOA is issued, you got exactly like the one that you got from the usual visa that most applicants apply for. It has the same conditions and limitations attached to using it.

How VOA works

For you to get the VOA Vietnam, you need to obtain first the visa approval letter that is approved by the Vietnam Immigration. This letter will give you the means to pick up the VOA at specified international airports as you arrive in Vietnam. You can apply for this by contacting any travel agency or company in Vietnam. You can also do so online.

Upon your arrival in Vietnam and at the airport, you will find the “Visa on Arrival” or “Landing Visa” office. This is where you will pick up the VOA. Once inside, hand in the visa approval letter together with your passport. All you need to do is wait for you to get called for paying the stamp fee and get your passport back with the visa already stamped inside. You can acquire more information for the stamp fee payment online. You can also check out online to see what the Visa on Arrival offices look like in different international airports.

Visa Approval Letter

Aside from VOA, you will also hear about the Visa Approval Letter. Without this letter, you can’t get the VOA and you can’t enter Vietnam at all. In other words, the Visa Approval Letter is a legit document that is issued by the Vietnam Immigration allowing the visa applicants to pick up their visa upon arrival at one of the approved international airports that issues them in Vietnam.

However, the visa letter is not considered a full visa. You need to employ a travel agent before you arrive in Vietnam in order to obtain your visa letter that you will be presenting at the Visa on Arrival office upon landing. The service fee for the preparation of the visa approval letter starts from $8. The cost changes depending on the agent and the type of visa you are applying for.

Your employed agent will be the one to send you the visa approval letter through your email. If you don’t want to meet any trouble upon arrival in Vietnam, make sure you check all the details in the visa approval letter to make sure there are no mistakes or errors.

Important Tips for Selecting the Best Floor Jack

One of the most essential and universal tools seen in a lot of shade-tree garages is the dependable floor jacks. This is could be because of the most regular tool when it comes to safety-related accidents because of the various pitfalls related to their use which can range from purchasing a less quality product that really does not match its safety claims to minor mistakes or inappropriate use that could simply have been involved. But do not be afraid, read this reviews here for a walkthrough of all the steps necessary to select the right floor jack that is both high quality and needed for your kind of car.

A majority of auto mechanics from the amateur to the professional will at a point find out that they need extra ground clearance during a car maintenance so as to provide better access to various modules. By far the most prevalent instances are lifting the car to get access to the drain plug of the oil pan during an oil charge as well as lifting a car to enable wheel removal during a tire swap.

Other common steps include replacing rotors and brake pads, suspension work, transmission work, and exhaust work. Also to lifting the car itself, floor jacks are mostly used to lift only the motor so as to provide extra clearance within the engine bay.

Are you looking for the best floor jack? If so then you should read this reviews here and consider these issues:

  1. Price

The price of floor jacks can vary considerably. That’s based on various factors like the brand, model, new/used, features, type, and so on. The key is to set a budget before you start shopping for your floor jack. That will help you to find the right unit for you based on how much your company can realistically afford to spend.

Should you shop at a physical/online store? It’s important to consider the pros and cons of both. In general shopping online is a better option. It can help you pick from a wider range of floor jacks, which can help you pick the right unit for your particular needs. It’s important to set a budget because that can help to prevent you from spending more than your company can realistically afford. That could result in a lot of potential problems you’ll want to avoid.

  1. Handle

The length of the handle is important since it affects how much jacking power the unit provides. As a general rule floor jacks have longer handles than other types of jacks so they’re a better option if you need more power. However, if you don’t need as much power than another style jack would be ok for your situation.

  1. Full-size/Compact

This is a key issue to consider. If you’re looking for a larger capacity then you should consider a full-size floor jack. However, if you have to operate the unit in a smaller space or need less capacity then a compact unit would be a better option. The key is to consider your company’s needs in order to select the best unit for your particular needs. That will help to produce the best results.

  1. Safety Features

Make sure to look for units with safety features like safety valves. This will help to make the floor jack as safe as possible, which is definitely a situation you’ll want to be in. It will help to make sure the unit isn’t just effective but also safe. That in turn will help to improve the functionality of the floor jack.

  1. Capacity

Here’s another key issue to consider when shopping for a floor jack. Make sure you pick a unit with the capacity you need the floor jack for. There’s different capacities like 2 tons and others. The key is to pick a unit that has a little more capacity then you actually needs. You can then be assured you can still use the floor jack when you need a higher capacity. It’s worth having the extra capacity in certain situations.

  1. Brand

This could be more important than it might seem at first. It’s better to pick an established brand since you avoid a lot of issues that you might have with an off-brand. In that case the product will be cheaper but also use cheaper materials, craftsmanship, etc. It might be a risk you don’t want to take.